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The OpenOffice.org API is a language independent approach to specify the functionality of OpenOffice.org. Its main goals are to provide an API to access the functionality of OpenOffice.org, to enable users to extend the functionality by their own solutions and new features, and to make the internal implementation of OpenOffice.org exchangeable.

A long term target on the OpenOffice.org roadmap is to split the existing OpenOffice.org into small components which are combined to provide the complete OpenOffice.org functionality. Such components are manageable, they interact with each other to provide high level features and they are exchangeable with other implementations providing the same functionality, even if these new implementations are implemented in a different programming language. When this target will be reached, the API, the components and the fundamental concepts will provide a construction kit, which makes OpenOffice.org adaptable to a wide range of specialized solutions and not only an office suite with a predefined and static functionality.

This section provides you with a thorough understanding of the concepts behind the OpenOffice.org API. In the API reference there are UNOIDL data types which are unknown outside of the API. The reference provides abstract specifications which sometimes can make you wonder how they map to implementations you can actually use.

The data types of the API reference are explained in Data Types. The relationship between API specifications and OpenOffice.org implementations is treated in Understanding the API Reference.

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