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The I18N framework provides interfaces to access locale-dependent data (e.g. calendar data, currency) and methods (e.g. collation and transliteration). The I18N framework offers full-featured internationalization functionality that covers a range of geographic locations that include East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea, or CJK), Europe, Middle East (Hebrew, Arabic) and South-East Asia (Thai, Indian). Also, the I18N framework builds on the component model UNO, thus making the addition of new internationalization components easy.


The I18N framework contains a lot of data and many interfaces and methods not important to developers of external code using the Apache OpenOffice API, but only for developers of the Apache OpenOffice application itself. This chapter is split into two parts, one that gives a short overview on using the API and is restricted to what is useful to external developers, and a second part that focuses on how to implement a new locale supporting the API (Note that this section does not cover how to translate and localize the Apache OpenOffice resources).

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