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The following properties are used by most controls:

[BackgroundColor] long. Sets the background color of the control. Its value is an integer type representing an RGB value as described in Color.
[TextColor] long. Refers to the color of the text. When no specific text color is applied, it returns void.
[TextLineColor] long. Refers to the underlining style color of the text. If Underlining is not applied it is void. See also Font-specific Properties
[BorderColor] long. Refers to the color of the border (see Border-property). When no specific text color is applied, it returns void. Not every border style may support coloring. For example, a border with 3D effect will usually ignore the BorderColor setting.
[Label] string. The actual text displayed in a control is set by the Labelproperty of the model. A shortcut key can be defined for any control with a label by adding a tilde (~) before the character that will be used as a shortcut. When the user presses the character key simultaneously with the ALT key, the control automatically gets the focus.
[MultiLine] boolean. By default, the label displays the text from the Labelproperty in a single line. If the text exceeds the width of the control, the text is truncated (but not the data of the text). This behavior is changed by setting the MultiLineproperty to true, so that the text is displayed on more than one line if needed.
[Align] short. Specifies the horizontal alignment of the text in the control.
[VerticalAlign] short. Specifies the vertical alignment of the text in the control. Available options are (com.sun.star.style.VerticalAlignment).TOP, BOTTOM and MIDDLE.
[Border] short. Many controls support this property which accepts three values from the enumeration com.sun.star.awt.VisualEffect that defines if no Border, a flat border or a 3D border is to be applied.

As OpenOffice.org emulates the look and feel of the operating system, changing some of these properties may not have any effect. There is no strict rule to be followed when property changes are ignored or not.

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