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The Extension Manager can display a small text for each extension in the dialog. The full text will become visible when the extension is being selected. Originally, this text was displayed in a 'tool tip' in versions of OpenOffice.org previous v3.0.

Versions of Apache OpenOffice, earlier than 3.1, use the "Tooltip Description" of an extension which is kept in the manifest.xml. Using the "Tooltip Description" is deprecated as of OpenOffice.org 3.1 and that functionality will not be maintained. Since then the description is specified in the description.xml. OOo 3.1 and later will first try to get the description from the description.xml. If there is none then it will try to get the tooltip description. That is, extensions can start to use this feature and need not necessarily require OpenOffice.org 3.1. However, developers should be aware that the tooltip description may be removed in the future.

Using a description is similar to the use of a license. One can put a couple of localized description files into the extension and reference them in the description.xml. The description using a locale which matches that of the office will be displayed. See Documentation/DevGuide/Extensions/Localized XML Elements for how the localization works. The description files must contain UTF-8 encoded text.

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