Writing Database Drivers

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  • Writing Database Drivers

In the following sections, implementing an SDBC driver is described. The user should have some experience in the use of the SDBC API, or be familiar with the previous chapter about SDBC and SDBCX.

This section is divided into two parts. The first part describes the simple driver that includes only the SDBC layer with the PreparedStatements, Statements and ResultSets. The second part extends the simple driver from part one to a more sophisticated one. This driver provides access to Tables, Views, Groups, Users and others.

A skeleton for a C++ SDBC driver is provided in the samples folder. Some changes are necessary to create a working driver. Adjust the namespace and replace the word "skeleton" by a suitable driver name, and implement the necessary functions for the database.

An SDBC driver is simply the implementation of some SDBC services previously discussed.

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