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The dBase driver is one of the basic driver implementations and supports the service This driver has a number of limitations concerning its abilities to modify the database structure and the extent of its SQL support. The URL for this driver is:

 sdbc:dbase:<folder or file url> 

For instance:


Similar to the SDBC driver for ODBC, this driver supports the connection info property CharSet to set different text encodings. The second possible property is ShowDeleted. When it is set to true, deleted rows in a table are still visible. In this state, it is not allowed to delete rows.

The following table shows the shortcomings of the SDBCX part of the dBase driver.

Object create alter

The driver has the following conditions in its support for SQL statements:

  • The SELECT statement can not contain more than one table in the FROM clause.
  • For comparisons the following operators are valid: =, <, >, <>, >=, <=, LIKE, NOT LIKE, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL.
  • Parameters are allowed, but must be denoted with a leading colon (SELECT * FROM biblio WHERE Author LIKE :MyParam) or with a single question mark (SELECT * FROM biblio WHERE Author LIKE ?).
  • The driver provides a ResultSet that supports bookmarks to records.
  • The first instance of Apache OpenOffice API that accesses a dBase database locks the files for exclusive writing. The lock is never released until the Apache OpenOffice API instance, which has obtained the exclusive write access, is closed. This severely limits the access to a dBase database in a network.
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