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Some variation is allowed for drivers written for databases that do not support certain functionality. For example, some databases do not support out parameters with stored procedures. In this case, the CallableStatement methods that deal with out parameters (registerOutParameter and the various XCallableStatement.getXXX() methods) do not apply, and they should be implemented in such a way that they throw a com.sun.star.sdbc.SQLException.

The following features are optional in drivers for DBMSs that do not support them. When a DBMS does not support a feature, the methods that support the feature may throw a SQLException. The following list of optional features indicate if the com.sun.star.sdbc.XDatabaseMetaData methods are supported by the DBMS and driver.

  • scrollable result sets: supportsResultSetType()
  • modifiable result sets: supportsResultSetConcurrency()
  • batch updates: supportsBatchUpdates()
  • SQL3 data types: getTypeInfo()
  • storage and retrieval of Java objects:
    • getUDTs() returns descriptions of the user defined types in a given schema
    • getTypeInfo() returns descriptions of the data types available in the DBMS.
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