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Statistical properties like error indicators or regression curves can be applied. The regression curves can only be used for xy-diagrams that have tuples of values for each data point. The following example shows how to add a linear regression curve to an xy-diagram.

Additionally, the mean value line is displayed and error indicators for the standard deviation are applied.

  // get the diagram
  // ...
  // get the properties of a single series
  XPropertySet aProp = maDiagram.getDataRowProperties(1)
  // set a linear regression
  aProp.setPropertyValue("RegressionCurves", ChartRegressionCurveType.LINEAR);
  // show a line at y = mean of the series' values
  aProp.setPropertyValue("MeanValue", new Boolean(true));
  // add error indicators in both directions
  // with the length of the standard deviation
  aProp.setPropertyValue("ErrorCategory", ChartErrorCategory.STANDARD_DEVIATION);
  aProp.setPropertyValue("ErrorIndicator", ChartErrorIndicatorType.TOP_AND_BOTTOM);
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