How to Apply an Add-In to a Chart Document

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There is no method to set an add-in as a chart type for an existing chart in the graphical user interface. To set the chart type, use an API script, for instance, in Basic. The following example sets the add-in with service name “” at the current document. To avoid problems, it is advisable to create a chart that has the same type as the one that the add-in sets as BaseDiagram type.

  Sub SetAddIn
  Dim oDoc As Object
  Dim oSheet As Object
  Dim oTableChart As Object
  Dim oChart As Object
  Dim oAddIn As Object
      ' assume that the current document is a spreadsheet
      oDoc = ThisComponent
      oSheet = oDoc.Sheets( 0 )
      ' assume also that you already added a chart
      ' named "MyChart" on the first sheet
      oTableChart = oSheet.Charts.getByName( "MyChart" )
      If Not IsNull( oTableChart ) Then
          oChart = oTableChart.EmbeddedObject
          If Not IsNull( oChart ) Then
              oAddIn = oChart.createInstance( "" )
              If Not IsNull( oAddIn ) Then
                  oChart.setDiagram( oAddIn )
              End If
          End If
      End If
  End Sub
Tip.png If you want to create an XML-File on your own and want to activate your add-in for a chart; set the attribute chart:class of the chart:chart element to “add-in” and the attribute chart:add-in-name to the service name that uniquely identifies your component.

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