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The illustration below shows the OpenOffice Basic Macro Organizer dialog with the Dialogs tab page activated. The illustration shows the application library Standard containing two dialogs, Dialog1 and Dialog2.

The macro Organizer dialog

The illustration shows a library Standard in document Calculation.ods containing a dialog named Dialog1, and another library Standard in document Description.odt containing no dialog.

The following list describes the buttons on the right side of the dialog:

  • Edit
Loads the dialog selected in the tree into the Dialog editor. The section Dialog Editor below describes the Dialog Editor in more detail. If a dialog is not selected, this button is disabled.
  • Close
Closes the OpenOffice Basic Macro organizer dialog without any further action.
  • New Dialog
Opens a dialog that allows the user to enter the desired name for a new dialog. The name edit field initially contains the name Dialog<Number>, such as Dialog1 and Dialog2, depending on the dialogs already existing. Clicking the OK button creates the dialog in the Dialog list. This button is disabled if the selection contains a library with read-only status.
  • Delete
Deletes the selected dialog. This button is disabled if no dialog is selected, or if the selected dialog belongs to a library with read-only status.
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