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The XAccessibleEditableText interface extends the XAccessibleText interface by adding functions that let you modify the text. The interface is therefore only implemented when the text represented by the implementing object is readable and writable.

With the functions deleteText(), insertText() and replaceText(), you can delete, insert, and replace text. The setText() function is a special case of replaceText() and replaces the whole text at once.

The cutText() and pasteText() functions, together with copyText(), from the com.sun.star.accessibility.XAccessibleText interface provide access to the clipboard.

Finally, the setAttributes() function is the counterpart of getCharacterAttributes() in the com.sun.star.accessibility.XAccessibleText interface. With this function, you can replace the existing attributes with the given set. To add one attribute, first use getCharacterAttributes() to get the current set of attributes, add the attribute to that set, and finally call setAttributes() to set the new set of attributes.

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