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The SSR was designed to be a simple program that illustrates how to use the UNO accessibility API. However, we have not always chosen the most simple way to do something. There are therefore some features that may be useful in the “real” AT:

  • The SSR has a background connection timer task that waits for a Apache OpenOffice application to start and then connects automatically to that application.
  • It uses independent threads to register as listener at a whole accessibility (sub-) tree of new top-level application windows or newly created accessible objects. The same is true for removing the listener from windows not visible anymore or accessible objects that are removed from their tree.
  • There are two different views that display information about the currently focused object. This illustrates how information of a certain accessibility object is retrieved by using different interfaces of the accessibility API.
  • A message area shows all received events regardless of whether they are necessary to keep track of the currently focused object. With this, the SSR serves as simple event monitor as well.
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