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I (Jean Hollis Weber) propose that we split the Writer Guide into two volumes, as follows:

1. Essentials

This volume would contain most of what is in Chapters 1 through 12 (but not bibliographies and possibly not indexes) of the current Writer Guide, plus Appendix A, some basic field info (for page numbers etc in headers and footers, and for cross-references), and a new section on using Writer to write/edit email. Might be some other things people commonly do that are not covered in the current book, that should be added.

Probably this would include some reorganisation of topics within chapters and/or the sequence of chapters in the book.

2. Extras (or Advanced?)

This volume would contain Chapters 13 through 16 of the current book, plus the bibliographies section of Chapter 12 (and possibly the indexes section of Ch12), new information on linking or embedding spreadsheets, audio, and video in Writer documents, info on macros (especially recording), possibly info on xforms. May be other topics to include, such as Writer/Web.

More detailed proposal for contents to come, if there is enough interest.

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