Proposal for Major Revision of Getting Started Guide

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Here is my (Jean Hollis Weber's) proposal for the new table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introducing
What is
The advantages of
Minimum requirements
How to get the software
How to install the software
Extensions and add-ons
How to get help
Parts of the main window
What are all these things called?
Starting a new document
Using a template to create a document
Opening an existing document
Saving a document
Renaming and deleting files
Using the Open and Save As dialogs
Using the Navigator
Undoing and redoing changes
Creating hyperlinks
Closing a document
Accessibility features
Using OOo without a mouse
Using on a Mac

Chapter 2 Using Styles and Templates
What are styles and templates? Why use them?
Examples of style use
Applying styles
Managing styles: create, modify
Creating a template
Editing a template
Setting a default template

Chapter 3 Getting Started with Writer
What is Writer?
The Writer interface
Changing document views
Moving quickly through a document
Working with documents
Working with text
Formatting text
Formatting pages
Adding comments to a document
Creating a table of contents
Creating indexes and bibliographies
Working with graphics
Using mail merge
Tracking changes to a document
Using fields
Linking to another part of a document
Using master documents
Creating fill-in forms

Chapter 4 Getting Started with Calc
What is Calc?
Spreadsheets, sheets and cells
Parts of the main Calc window
Opening and saving CSV files
Navigating within spreadsheets
Selecting items in a sheet or spreadsheet
Working with columns and rows
Working with sheets
Viewing Calc
Entering data using the keyboard
Speeding up data entry
Sharing content between sheets
Validating cell contents
Editing data
Formatting data
Autoformatting cells and sheets
Formatting spreadsheets using themes
Using conditional formatting
Hiding and showing data
Sorting records

Chapter 5 Getting Started with Impress
What is Impress?
Starting Impress
Parts of the main Impress window
Workspace views
Creating a new presentation
Formatting a presentation
Adding and formatting text
Adding pictures, tables, charts and media
Working with slide masters and styles
Adding comments to a presentation
Setting up the slide show
Running the slide show

Chapter 6 Getting Started with Draw
What is Draw?
The Draw workspace
Choosing and defining colors
Positioning objects with snap functions
Positioning objects with guiding lines
The basic drawing shapes
Drawing geometric shapes
Selection modes
Selecting objects
Moving and dynamically adjusting an object’s size
Editing objects
Using styles
Special effects
Combining multiple objects
Aids for positioning objects
Inserting and editing pictures
Working with 3D objects
Exporting graphics
Adding comments to a drawing

Chapter 7 Printing, Exporting, and E‑mailing
Quick printing
Controlling printing
Exporting to PDF
Exporting to other formats
E-mailing documents
Digital signing of documents
Removing personal data

Chapter 8 Graphics, the Gallery, and Fontwork
Adding images to a document
Modifying and positioning graphics
Managing the Gallery
Creating an image map
Using OOo’s drawing tools
Using Fontwork

Chapter 9 Setting up and Customizing
Choosing options for all of OOo
Choosing options for loading and saving documents
Choosing language settings
Choosing Internet options
Controlling OOo’s AutoCorrect functions
Customizing menu content
Customizing toolbars
Assigning shortcut keys
Assigning macros to events
Adding functionality with extensions

Appendix Open Source, Open Standards, OpenDocument
A short history of
The community
How is licensed?
What is “open source”?
What are “open standards”?
What is OpenDocument?
Frequently asked questions
File formats OOo can open
File formats OOo can save to
Exporting to other formats


Two standalone documents to be created from removed chapters:

  • Getting Started with Base
  • Getting Started with Macros
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