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The Developer's Guide is designed to be the main resource for developers to find technical background information related to UNO and the API.

The Developer's Guide chapter on Add-Ons provides a detailed description for the service provider interface (SPI) Add-ons. Add-ons became the synomym for extensions that integrate into the UI (typicaly menus and/or toolbars) of the office. The feature set has grown over the time but not all features are documented in the Developer's Guide. To make the guide complete and to include all concepts, the existing chapter on Add-Ons should be updated.


The task of this bounty is to update, extend, or if necessary, reorganize the existing Add-Ons chapter and integrate the latest concepts and features in the Developer's Guide. The task is mainly the transformation of the existing wiki documentation on Generic UNO Interfaces for complex toolbar controls and Addon Menu Toolbar Merging into the Developer's Guide format, and integrating it into the existing Add-Ons chapter. The final structure will be defined together with the bounty reviewers/mentors.

Knowledge requirements

The Owner of this bounty should have a deep knowledge of Add-ons and the available features, and UNO in general. Ideally the owner has practical experience with the development of Add-ons.

Content on this page is licensed under the Public Documentation License (PDL).
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