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Apache OpenOffice presentations are based on drawing documents. Each page in the presentation is a slide. You can access slides in the same way as a standard drawing is accessed through the DrawPages list of the document object. The service, responsible for presentation documents, also provides the complete service.

Working With Presentations

In addition to the drawing functions that are provided by the Presentation property, the presentation document has a presentation object that provides access to the main properties and control mechanisms for presentations. For example, this object provides a start method that can start presentations.

Dim Doc As Object
Dim Presentation As Object
Doc = ThisComponent
Presentation = Doc.Presentation

The code used in this example creates a Doc object that references the current presentation document and establishes the associated presentation object. The start() method of the object is used to start the example and run the screen presentation.

The following methods are provided as presentation objects:

starts the presentation
ends the presentation
starts the presentation from the beginning and establishes its runtime

The following properties are also available:

AllowAnimations (Boolean)
runs animations in the presentation
CustomShow (String)
allows you to specify the name of the presentation so that you can reference the name in the presentation
FirstPage (String)
name of slide that you want to start the presentation with
IsAlwaysOnTop (Boolean)
always displays the presentation window as the first window on the screen
IsAutomatic (Boolean)
automatically runs through the presentation
IsEndless (Boolean)
restarts the presentation from the beginning once it ends
IsFullScreen (Boolean)
automatically starts the presentation in full screen mode
IsMouseVisible (Boolean)
displays the mouse during the presentation
Pause (long)
the amount of time that a blank screen is displayed at the end of the presentation
StartWithNavigator (Boolean)
displays the navigator window when the presentation starts
UsePn (Boolean)
displays the pointer during the presentation

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