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The database interface from Apache OpenOffice is available in the Apache OpenOffice Writer and Apache OpenOffice Calc applications, as well as in the database forms.

In Apache OpenOffice Writer, standard letters can be created with the assistance of SDBC data sources and these can then be printed out. You can also move data from the database window into text documents using the drag-and-drop function.

If you move a database table into a spreadsheet, Apache OpenOffice creates a table area which can be updated at the click of the mouse if the original data has been modified. Conversely, spreadsheet data can be moved to a database table and a database import performed.

Finally, Apache OpenOffice provides a mechanism for forms based on databases. To do this, you first create a standard Apache OpenOffice Writer or Apache OpenOffice Calc form and then link the fields to a database.

All the options specified here are based on the user interface from Apache OpenOffice. No programming knowledge is needed to use the corresponding functions.

This section, however, provides little information about the functions specified, but instead concentrates on the programming interface from SDBC, which allows for automated database querying and therefore permits a much greater range of applications to be used.

Basic knowledge of the way in which databases function and the SQL query language is however needed to fully understand the following sections.

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