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Apache OpenOffice has an integrated database interface (independent of any systems) called Star Database Connectivity (SDBC). The objective of developing this interface was to provide access to as many different data sources as possible.

To make this possible, data sources are accessed by drivers. The sources from which the drivers take their data is irrelevant to a SDBC user. Some drivers access file-based databases and take the data directly from them. Others use standard interfaces such as JDBC or ODBC. There are, however, also special drivers which access the MAPI address book, LDAP directories or Apache OpenOffice spreadsheets as data sources.

Since the drivers are based on UNO components, other drivers can be developed and therefore open up new data sources. You will find details about this in the Apache OpenOffice Developer's Guide.

Documentation note.png VBA : In terms of its concept, SDBC is comparable with the ADO and DAO libraries available in VBA. It permits high level access to databases, regardless of the underlying database backends.

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