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Jump to: navigation, search for Mac OS X uses the Mac OS X DMG disk image format.


To install locally or over a network:

  1. Locate the disk image file and open it.
  2. Drag and drop the icon from within the disk image to a location on the local drive or a location on the network.
  3. Enter the administrator password when you are prompted for it.

Command line install

You can install from the command line on Mac OS X.

In a terminal window, type:

hdiutil attach <disk image name>
cp -a "/Volumes/ <version>/" <path>
hdiutil detach "/Volumes/ <version>" 


To uninstall, drag the icon for the application to the Trash.

Remove the user profile for

To remove the user profile for

  1. Go to the user's home directory.
  2. Select Library > Application Support.
  3. Move the directory to the Trash.
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