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Purpose of this initiative

This is an initiative started to make it easier for new developers to start to contribute to the project.

It identifies several issues which together might make contributing harder for interested developers.

The solutions will be applied to the contributing and development websites.


Possible issues

These are the possible problems identified:

Building the software

This effort is now here: Apache OpenOffice Building Guide

CVS and SVN are both outdated.

Articles covering code which is nowdays available in Mercurial instead should be updated.

Contribution - Programming

The page has a strange introduction, that begins with a to do list. Maybe the user already has an idea of what he would like to do. The page tells the user to start building the code. The programmer should learn what it is like to develop in the community first.

Building on Windows

Promotes ooo-build and says building the Vanilla build is painful.

I want to be an OpenOffice developer wiki page

Suggest to delete the following page.

I want to be an OpenOffice developer

Documentation caution.png That page has been recently updated. I consider it useful in its current state, although the page title is awkward. So, move maybe - but not delete. Also, it is linked from the Main Page currently. Maybe I want to be an OpenOffice developer should be merged into Development, and then made a redirect to that page. --B michaelsen 22:36, 7 November 2009 (UTC)

Getting the source code

Create a guide that works for all operating systems, that everyone can point to.

Build Windows Tcsh

Is this page still valid?

Documentation note.png No thats totally outdated. --B michaelsen 22:36, 7 November 2009 (UTC)


Installing only has content about the ooobuild fork, not about real OOo.

Developer Types

New developers

  • Will start at contributing/development
  • Want to know what is required of him/her
  • Want to learn the basics
  • Want to learn only the things that is required to do the work

Existing developers

  • Will start directly at development
  • Want to get reference documentation
  • Want to have this information close at hand

API Developers/Core Developers

Some devs might only want to develop extensions or by using the API, others might want to extend OOo itself.

Contributing related pages

These pages may be related or interesting to new developers.

Contributing Members

Per Eriksson

Martin Hollmichel

Mathias Bauer

Bjoern Michaelsen

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