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OOo can be built on several different operating systems with various configurations. Therefore it is sometimes hard to locate the actual problem when build problems arise. This page provides some guidelines which information might be necessary to solve the problem.

  • Always build from a clean sources
    Independent from using cvs or unpacking a source archive from the download page. Whenever you changing the version (e.g. a different snapshot, Release Candidate or Release version) always remove the old sources and the solver directory completely and unpack/checkout the new version.
    (There might be files leftover in the source archive from the previous version that a “cvs up” or unpacking of the new source version will not remove.)
  • Always use “dmake >& mybuild.log” or “build >& mybuild.log”
    This captures the build log and also warnings that might lead to the error. After you found a build problem do not only enter that directory and enter “build” again. This will not rebuild the whole module, and therefore you won't get a complete logfile, only the last failing command. If you want to produce a useful log first remove the object file directory (usually, or so.) and then enter “build” again. When submitting a bug report attach the logfile to the issue.
  • Provide all switches you used to configure your build environment
    It is very helpful to show the command line switches you used to configure your build environment. These can be found retroactively in the first lines of "config_office/config.log". When submitting a bug report attach this file to the issue.
  • Provide information about your environment variables
    At least the value of the PATH variable is required. Use echo $PATH to get its value, you might be asked about other values.
  • Provide the build environment script
    All environment variables that are used by the OOo build process are set by a script (e.g. winenv.set or unxenv.set). When submitting a bug report please attach this file to the issue.
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