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Every release of OOo throws up the question:

  • Which cvs tag should I use to test OOo with the TestTool application?

Short answer for OOo 2.4. currently: take ooo240.

Longer answer...

  • For a checkout from cvs you would use:
cvs -z3 co -r ooo240 -P qa/qatesttool

The part after -r is taken from the table row: Tag/Branch name.

Tags(T:) are all in UPPERCASE letters;
Branches(B:) are all in lowercase letters.

Exception: This rule was introduced in 2004, so before this rule wasn't used, it was the other way around.

  • Here is a list of known Tags and Branches from previous releases: 1
Tag/Branch name Name of OOo version BuildID of OOo
T:ooo110 B:OOo110 srx645m18 8687
B:ooo113 srx645m44 8784
B:ooo114 srx645m52 8824
B:ooo115 srx645m58 8950 2
Tag/Branch name Name of OOo version BuildID of OOo
T:OOO200final OOO680m3 8968
T:OOO201 OOA680m1 8990
T:OOO202 OOB680m5 9011
T:OOO203 OOC680m7 9044
T:OOO204 OOD680m5 9073
B:ooo210 OOE680m6 9095
B:ooo220 OOF680m14 9134
B:ooo230 OOG680m5 9221
B:ooo240 OOH680m

The Testscripts for OOo 2.4 are currently updated by their owners.

  • The Tags like: SRC680_m123 are generated automaticaly every night, if a milestone is 'ready for CWS use'.
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