Creating fields to describe documents

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In documents, you can create fields to insert information

about the current document, for example, date, time, author, and so


You can define the values including author, title, and subject

in document description and directly use them to insert a field. When the description information changes, all the corresponding values in the document change too. To create fields to describe documents,

perform the following steps:
  1. Click File > Properties.
  2. On the Description tab, enter your information in the Title, Subject, Keywords, and Comments fields.
    D file properties description.jpg
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Insert > Fields, and then select Title, Author, or Subject. The predefined values display in shadings. You can click View > Field Shadings to remove the shadow.
    D insert fields.jpg
  5. Optional: To view the fields, click View > Field Names.
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