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Crazy Distro Defense

The Crazy Distro Defense is similar to the Chewbacca Defense. This strategy is typically used to explain away a unreproducible crash with a dismissive "It works for me, so it must be your crazy distribution that has broken an otherwise flawless Office suite".


To counter the Crazy Distro Defense it is necessary to gather some more information. Common reasons it "works for me" are that:

  • the affected system is 64bit and the testing system is 32bit
  • accessibility is enabled on the affected system and not on the testing system
  • the affected desktop theme is different
  • the default configuration is slightly different from the affected system, e.g. gnome filepicker or cairo canvas enabled. The same behaviour can be seen in a vanilla version when the same settings are changed from tools->options. Some Common Workarounds can be tried out to isolate the problem.

Valid Occurrences

  • bugs specific to a particular compiler
  • bugs specific to a particular system library on the distro
  • and occasional lunatic behaviour by a distro OOo maintainer :-)
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