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What it contains

cppu contains type definitions and the implementation of the core of UNO. The exported API consists of C functions and a few C++ inline class definitions.

cppu is ABI stable and part of the ODK (and URE).

  • cppu/
    • inc/
      • uno/
        binary UNO representation of an XInterface implementation.
        binary UNO representation of the core of (half) a Bridge
        binary UNO representation of an UNO Any value.
        functions for manipulating UNO sequences. The binary representation is that of SAL sequences.
      • typelib/
        • Types and functions for manipulating UNO type descriptions.
      • com/sun/star/uno/
        • namespace com::sun::star::uno
        • C++ wrapper (template) classes for UNO Any, Sequence, TypeDescription
        • Reference<T> wrapper class for UNO XInterface
    • source/
      • Implementation of thread pools, Any functions, Sequence functions, etc.
      • Code for locating and loading UNO bridges
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