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Obsolete Habits (OBSOLETE)

In the many years of developing OpenOffice.org and its antecessors some habits have been developed that once were needed, but now are obsolete. There are alternatives today to be preferred.

Preferred Types (Types)

Previously: “solar” types where used and various string implementations. For lists and vectors self-made types were implemented, often by macros.
Now: Use sal-Types instead of “solar” types. Use rtl:O[U]String[Buffer] classes instead of any other string implementation. Use STL containers instead of DECLARE_LIST and other self-made containers.
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Prefer Allocation from the Stack (Stack)

Previously: Heap allocation was preferred to stack allocation in function bodies, because stack size was small.
Now: Don't fetch local data or objects from the heap, if they are not of user-defined size. Allocation from the stack is faster.
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No Old Macros (NoMacro)

Previously: TRY and CATCH where used.
Now: Use “try” and “catch”.
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Related Rules

Prefer the STL Containers -> STL:Cont

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