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Class Design (CLSDESIGN)

General hints for class design. Items referring to constructors, destructors, copying and allocation (of classes) reside in topic Class Construction, Destruction and Copying. Items referring to virtual classes in hierarchies reside in Virtual Classes. Encapsulation related items are in topic Encapsulation.

One Responsibility (OneResp)

Give one class only one cohesive responsibility. -> Details

How to Inherit (Inherit)

Inherit to be reused, not to reuse. Else prefer composition over inheritance. -> Details

No Implicit Conversions (NoConv)

Make single argument constructors “explicit”. Be aware of default arguments.
Do not provide operator TYPE() functions.
-> Details

Specific new and delete (NewDel)

When you provide a class-specific new or delete with custom parameters, provide the corresponding new or delete as well. (Not doing this causes memory leaks.)
If you provide one class specific new, this hides all other variants of new. So you probably want to provide also the three all of the standard forms of new (plain, nothrow and inplace).
-> Details

Related Rules

Describe the Class Responsibility -> CODEDOC:ClassResp

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