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License for code contributions

All code contributions you make to OpenOffice must be under the Apache License, version 2.0. See for details.

Diff style

If you checkout the source with svn, produce your patch with

svn diff

while if you clone with git, the standard

git diff

will do. If you can, please respect the line ending convention in use in the source files you are patching.

Filing patches

The best hacker centric bug filing interface is here. Whack the patch there & wait for feedback.

Some interaction

It tends to be a good idea to work out how best to implement your fix, and/or discuss it with a developer or two before hand. Some of the best ways to do this are to post to the development mailing list or lurk on IRC at irc:// on the #openoffice channel. IRC is an awfully poor communication medium, but better than no communication.

See DomainDeveloper (outdated but still useful) to unwind who is whom.

Speedy Handling of Patch Submissions

Developers are encouraged to submit their first code contributions as patches - attachments to issues of type PATCH - to Bugzilla for review and integration into the main repository.

If you find that a patch has been kept unreviewed for too long, please contact the development mailing list and ask that someone reviews it.

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