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What it contains

Nowadays nothing and the directory doesn't exist.

This directory managed the configuration of the OO.o source tree. In a 'normal' project this would be expected to be in the top level source directory - however, due to a rather unfortunate initial repository setup, this was not possible.

With the switch to Mercurial the, configure, acinclude.m4 and aclocal.m4 files where moved to the tree's top level directory.

Configure process

The configure script is generated from by autoconf - when modifying in a CWS also regenerate and commit configure.

When run the configure script does a load of system checks, and with the result generates 'set_soenv' from '' using the normal autotools substitution rules.

'set_soenv' is then run at the tail of configure, which does more checks, and finally builds LinuxIntelEnv.Set which contains the environment for this build. This freezes all the significant settings including PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc. The idea here is to allow this build to be repeated trivially, and to reduce unexpected environment related problems in subsequent builds.

The configure script also creates 'bootstrap' in the toplevel - a simple script that builds dmake - the tool which then is used to build the rest of the project.


In many cases running 'configure' when you have LinuxIntelEnv.Set sourced creates rather subtle problems; configuring from a clean shell is to be recommended.

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