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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

IRC transcript of Community Council meeting 2009-03-12

  • Transcript begins when Thalion72 joins


  • Sophie Gautier (sophi)
  • Louis Suarez-Potts (louis_to)
  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu)
  • John McCreesh (jpmcc)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • André Schnabel (Thalion72)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • missing: Pavel Janik (paveljanik)
  • absent: Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof_)


Meeting commences at 14:40

I believe we can start, then 
14:39:21 Thalion72 assigns AI to himself: put the channel name to the council wiki 
14:40:02 jpmcc Tahlion72 get Oscar for creative use of excuses for being late ;) 
14:40:04 Thalion72 did not read the mail yet 
14:40:13 louis_to MHU just sent it 
14:40:19 louis_to at 20:14 
14:40:20 louis_to UTC 
14:40:29 louis_to it's not in the archives 
14:40:51 louis_to okay, let's start the meeting 
14:41:06 louis_to we are first to rev. and approve the minutes from last 
14:41:14 louis_to all in approval, please indicate 
14:41:16 stx12 +1 
14:41:24 sophi +1 
14:41:25 louis_to +1 
14:41:26 CorNouws great minutes, thanks John, +1 
14:41:28 Thalion72 +1 
14:41:48 louis_to (notes that my vote is irrelevant as I was not there) 
14:42:03 jpmcc (and mine as I worte them :-) 
14:42:06 louis_to :-0 
14:42:13 louis_to on to 2: 
14:42:33 CorNouws louis_to: 1A - AI's 
14:43:17 louis_to thanks 
14:43:27 louis_to 
14:43:46 louis_to a) MHU to ping Louis about spi contact info 
14:43:48 louis_to MHU did this. 
14:43:57 louis_to I pointed out that my contact information is imperfect at best 
14:44:25 CorNouws MHU mailed: Contact to SPI: in progress (asked Louis, but did not yet understand his answer; we'll follow up). 
14:44:32 louis_to it had been Josh Berkus. But we never really followed up with SPI and so I just wrote them asking for fresh information and details about the funds depositied in our name 
14:44:51 louis_to basically, I do not know much more than you or he or Sophie 
14:45:01 louis_to but I just wrote and will I expect learn a lot more very shortly 
14:45:14 CorNouws Any other people, apart from Josh Berkus, that we might know there? 
14:45:22 louis_to CorNouws; we'll find out 
14:45:36 CorNouws ok 
14:45:48 louis_to let's wait a few minutes :-) 
14:45:53 sophi louis_to: I you want my help in the follow up once you've made the contact, I volunteer 
14:46:03 louis_to of course; I cc'd you , anyway. 
14:46:15 louis_to we must also then appoint you as Advisor. 
14:46:21 sophi louis_to: ok 
14:46:31 louis_to that is one of the conditions.... see the earlier psts to the council of a couple of years ago 
14:46:47 louis_to I'll refer to them again, and also see what has evolved with SPI 
14:46:49 sophi louis_to: yes, this is the part we missed ;) 
14:47:01 louis_to hm. 
14:47:02 louis_to okay. 
14:47:08 louis_to oin to other AI? 
14:47:20 louis_to John: have you reviewed the trademark proposals? 
14:47:27 jpmcc (blush) 
14:47:33 louis_to okay, in progress 
14:47:38 louis_to please update the wiki 
14:48:00 sophi jpmcc: no need to blush, it's currently in lawyers hand, so let them review it and you'll look at it after :) 
14:48:01 Thalion72 hmm .. louis_to: what AI's are you referring to? 
14:48:40 louis_to It's no. 5 in the minutes from council meeting of last month, assigned to Cor 'Cor to add to wiki" 
14:48:42 CorNouws AI Minutes #6, clear routing of funding request >> added to wiki 
14:48:48 louis_to previous was no. 4 
14:48:55 louis_to "Action: John to review" 
14:49:02 Thalion72 so I must read different minutes 
14:49:06 jpmcc 
14:49:20 louis_to hm. 
14:49:28 CorNouws louis_to: you wrote 4, must be 5 
14:49:36 louis_to yes 
14:49:38 louis_to sorry. 
14:50:00 louis_to was reading the wrong minutes, actually; but that item lingers :-/ 
14:50:01 CorNouws louis_to: sorry from my side;; you wrote 5, must be 6 ;-) 
14:50:19 louis_to okay, please update the wiki with the latest 
14:50:25 Thalion72 is puzzled 
14:50:33 CorNouws AI Minutes #6: done 
14:50:42 louis_to 7: Stefan; update? 
14:50:47 sophi Thalion72: under 2 for AI you have other actions in the list of items 
14:50:56 Thalion72 what the hell is #7? 
14:51:13 Thalion72 AIs end at #6 
14:51:21 louis_to 7 is not on the list of AIs but is present in the minutes 
14:51:21 Thalion72 (at least at the page the I read) 
14:51:22 sophi Thalion72: look further after item 2 and the sublist 
14:51:36 CorNouws No hell here: 7: Proposal to ask the l10n-team at Sun, if new hardware is badly needed see mail. Action Stefan to see if we can improve quality of service by spending CC budget on infrastructure 
14:52:05 stx12 that's mine: i talked to rafaella. 
14:52:11 Thalion72 ok .. I really thought, we were going through the defined AIs 
14:52:30 stx12 she feels comfortable with the current setup with 2 pootle servers. 
14:52:32 louis_to we were but then I also read the other AIs that need to be addressed 
14:52:46 louis_to so, to published ones: 
14:52:49 stx12 we will monitor these more closely to see whether they are as reliable as we need it. 
14:53:25 sophi stx12: they are still very slow if you want to make some checks on it 
14:53:32 louis_to So, to review: Andre updated on wiki 2.1 of AI: "on agenda"... 
14:54:17 stx12 sophi. i guess you are talkig out the one hostig french? 
14:54:29 CorNouws The #2 Action items in the minutes, were the AI's we discussed last time, not the new ones! 
14:54:31 Thalion72 louis_to: "publish the new charter" is still missing .. I hopeto do this at the weekend 
14:54:42 sophi stx12: yes, I don' t use the other one 
14:54:53 louis_to Thalion72: please let us know if you want help---am more available now 
14:55:18 louis_to Thalion72: can you update the wiki, please? 
14:55:27 sophi stx12: I think language repartition is not good, we should mix geographical regions in order to not be connected at the same time/hour 
14:55:32 Thalion72 louis_to / jpmcc: would be good to send a mail to announce lists, after the charter is on the website 
14:56:00 jpmcc Thalion72: agreed 
14:56:02 louis_to I think it should be CC. but let's first gt the charter up 
14:56:19 stx12 i would combine the mail with elections... 
14:56:20 Thalion72 louis_to / jpmcc: I'll contact you via list if I'm ready 
14:56:26 louis_to Thalion72: thx 
14:56:46 louis_to So: regarding infrastructure: stx12, sophi: any resolution? 
14:56:51 Thalion72 stx12: I would like this too .. but still the elections ave to be prepared. Please let's do one stap after the other 
14:57:18 louis_to Thalion72: I agree with Thalion 
14:57:32 stx12 i'm hesitant to "flood" announce@ 
14:57:51 louis_to stx12: elections are a multistep process... 
14:58:00 louis_to all the lists will be hit 
14:58:11 stx12 sure, then let's combine the first public one with the announcement of the new charter 
14:58:27 louis_to but the charter should therefore be distinguished 
14:59:49 louis_to I think we won't be flooding announce... and the lists 
15:00:13 louis_to and pacing would be : next week charter, later that week, submissions for candidates 
15:00:32 louis_to a three day pause; then more election material 
15:00:55 jpmcc I don't think I have anything else for @announce before 3.1 
15:01:21 stx12 jpmcc: then we have plenty of time ;-) 
15:01:50 louis_to shall we move on to other points? 
15:01:58 Thalion72 yes 
15:01:59 louis_to but: all in favour of two announcements? 
15:02:04 louis_to 1 for charter 
15:02:09 louis_to 2. for election process 
15:02:10 CorNouws yes 
15:02:14 sophi yes 
15:02:14 Thalion72 yes 
15:02:31 louis_to +1 
15:02:42 jpmcc +1 
15:02:48 louis_to (as a final argument: people ignore long emails) 
15:02:55 Thalion72 :-) 
15:03:07 stx12 who is in charge of 2 (announcement)? and driving the process? 
15:03:21 louis_to I'd ask for sophie to join me or stx12 
15:03:34 stx12 ladies first ;-) 
15:03:35 sophi louis_to: ok 
15:03:47 sophi stx12: :) 
15:03:49 louis_to thanks, sophi 
15:03:53 louis_to and yes, indeed, :-) 
15:04:38 louis_to so, stx12 abstains? and then jpmcc on behalf of council t issue the charter announcement? and elections to be worked on for next week, commencing with call for candidates, AI, Louis and Sophie 
15:04:44 louis_to agreed? 
15:04:55 sophi ok 
15:05:02 jpmcc +1 
15:05:03 CorNouws ok 
15:05:07 Thalion72 +1 
15:05:15 stx12 +1 (and please let not pass by too much time between the announcements) 
15:05:20 louis_to 3 dyas 
15:05:22 louis_to days, I mean 
15:05:40 louis_to if not sooner... 
15:05:55 louis_to +1 
15:06:00 louis_to the other AIs: 
15:06:08 CorNouws AI Minutes #9, Growing the project > see draft wiki 
15:06:13 CorNouws 
15:06:27 CorNouws Already extended by Sophie ;-) 
15:06:40 louis_to okay, will reivew. can you put the link on the wiki by the AI? 
15:07:23 louis_to I would ask us to review this and submit our comments on list 
15:07:38 louis_to and to move on to the other points, namely, #10 of the minutes 
15:07:54 CorNouws ok for me 
15:07:56 louis_to GSoC, unless people want to review the earlier AIs and points 
15:08:06 sophi ok for me 
15:08:15 CorNouws no, pls review and comment on the mail list 
15:08:45 louis_to CorNouws: right now? 
15:09:23 louis_to okay, but then why not use the IRC channel? 
15:09:38 louis_to and I'll add an element on developers and regional efforts 
15:09:45 louis_to mainly regional efforts 
15:09:56 louis_to finally acts on presentations at OOoCon 
15:10:10 CorNouws louis_to: pls not now, just on the mail list, when averyone has a moment for it 
15:10:20 sophi louis_to: have you followed the discussion on the nlc list? 
15:10:31 louis_to no, not all 
15:10:34 louis_to not the latest 
15:10:44 louis_to thx for pointer, will do so 
15:10:46 sophi louis_to: a first meeting is scheduled for CJK on irc 
15:10:50 louis_to prior to updating the wiki 
15:11:01 louis_to yes, I got that and will try to attend 
15:11:03 louis_to thx 
15:11:31 louis_to Cor: do you wish for us to comment right now? 
15:11:35 louis_to or onlist, later? 
15:12:01 louis_to I would urge later, at our leisure: it's already getting late 
15:12:26 Thalion72 as suggested: later on list 
15:12:34 sophi +1 
15:12:44 CorNouws +1 (as I suggested) 
15:13:05 louis_to then let us move on to #10, GSoC... 
15:13:08 louis_to stx12? 
15:13:13 stx12 we have indications that OOo would not be on the top list of projects for GSoC. other project are in more need of the support. so it doesn't seem to make sense to apply as mentoring organisation. 
15:13:51 louis_to stx12: what is the logic of seeing if individual programs within OOo could apply? 
15:13:54 stx12 a part of the preparations is an update of the todo lists. that might be useful anyway. 
15:14:29 CorNouws So can we plan our own SOC, to help the people with specific interest in OOo ?? 
15:14:59 stx12 i would use another nane, but yes... 
15:15:30 CorNouws Martin mailed about the bug-bounty programm, maybe this can be combined? 
15:17:11 CorNouws stx12: shall we think about details after the meeting? tomorrow afternoon or so? 
15:17:18 louis_to Can I suggest then that we see if there are developers and mentors able to present a mentoring proproosal(s) to google? 
15:17:29 louis_to is copying Cor... 
15:17:38 louis_to asap is the idea here 
15:17:41 louis_to deadline looms 
15:18:28 CorNouws ok, so next item? 
15:20:10 louis_to uhm, let's finish this one. 
15:20:44 CorNouws what needs to be finished? Thought we would work on detaisl tomorrow. 
15:20:45 louis_to resolution is that after meeting tomorrow (NLC/) to reiveiw options about GSoC for independent needs? 
15:20:56 louis_to what the what is that we'd be doing was unclear, that's all 
15:21:23 louis_to so if we are agreed that its the issue, let's move on 
15:21:56 Thalion72 +1 (agreed and move od) 
15:22:02 Thalion72 (on) 
15:22:14 CorNouws OK 
15:22:16 CorNouws I've two questions for the budget agenda items 
15:22:22 CorNouws 1. What happened to the surplus of 2008? 
15:22:27 CorNouws 2. I propose to make balance and income<>expenditure sheets for 
15:23:25 jpmcc I was expecting to see a 'Sources and Applications of Funds' for TeamOoo for 2008? 
15:24:47 sophi jpmcc: mhu being not here, I think we should comment on the list 
15:24:54 CorNouws (leaving now) 
15:25:26 louis_to agreed 
15:25:33 jpmcc ok 
15:25:43 louis_to all agree to add that point raised by Cor to agenda for next time and to ask that we comment onlist? 
15:25:54 louis_to if so, then I move to adjourn 
15:26:00 Thalion72 +1 
15:26:21 stx12 will giue mhu a heads-up anyway 
15:26:30 sophi stx12: thanks 
15:27:14 louis_to if no objections, meeting is adjourned 
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