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IRC Log 2010-06-10

  • Supposed start time: 18:30 UTC
  • Time offset −0400 UTC
  • Location: IRC


  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu)
  • Louis Suárez-Potts (louis_to)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • Charles-H. Schulz (southerncross)
  • Olivier Hallot (olivierhallot)
  • Jürgen Schmidt (jsc)


  • Eike Rathke (erAck)
  • Christoph Noack (christoph_n)

  • mystery candidate


[14:38:03] louis_to then meeting has begun 
[14:38:09] louis_to the agenda is above linked
[14:38:25] louis_to
[14:38:58] louis_to do we approve of prior minutes?
[14:39:14] louis_to that's item 09
[14:39:17] louis_to 0, I mean
[14:39:36] louis_to silence = uyes
[14:39:41] louis_to yes, I mean (cannot type)
[14:40:07] louis_to so, on to AI responsible Louis refresh incubator and nlc proceses
[14:40:12] louis_to sttaus: in progress
[14:40:45] louis_to #3: AI Martin, publicize the open slot at the start of the CC meetings
[14:40:59] louis_to MH is not part of the CC. who is able to report on this for him?
[14:41:24] jsc i think i volunteered for this
[14:41:41] mhu mh has sent email to day to discuss@council to remind us of the status of his proposal
[14:41:46] jsc i talked to Martin several times and he would like to tak care of it ....
[14:42:03] mhu s/to day/today/
[14:42:10] jsc yes, he send a mail today 
[14:42:12] *** christoph_mobile (~yaaic@ has joined the channel
[14:42:16] louis_to yes, I saw mh's mail
[14:42:24] louis_to so, does this mean that jsc is doing it?
[14:42:30] louis_to will jsc then update the wiki?
[14:42:45] jsc no, Martin wanted to finish this work
[14:43:03] jsc that is as least my understnding so far
[14:43:05] louis_to then we let MH update the wiki with an "in progress" and date for termination, yes?
[14:43:23] louis_to then let's move on to #4
[14:43:33] louis_to Work with Clayton on estimates for Developing developers documentation
[14:43:33] louis_to Accepted
[14:43:33] louis_to Jürgen 
[14:43:45] louis_to jsc: do you have update?
[14:43:57] jsc i asked for feedback and that was limited ...
[14:44:19] louis_to okay, please update with what you received the wiki
[14:44:23] jsc so we are redy to start and we are in contact with the marketing to announce it
[14:44:32] louis_to great!
[14:44:54] jsc i expect it next week 
[14:44:54] louis_to btw, can this inter-relate with the Seneca College issue?
[14:45:16] louis_to I see these, along with the internship programme, as continuous 
[14:45:33] louis_to but, we can discuss this offlist, but please update the wiki
[14:45:47] jsc i am not sure, the bounties are documentation only. Or what do you mean?
[14:46:24] jsc the wiki is updated and we are working on the announcement
[14:46:25] louis_to fardad's interest in getting to know how to proceed with Seneca college instructions for OOo would benefit from documentation
[14:46:39] louis_to and woiuld possibly be able to engage students, etc. in this, too
[14:46:47] * CorNouws S... again
[14:46:59] louis_to yes; same old
[14:47:15] jsc well we have to see how well the bounties get accepted or not ...
[14:47:31] louis_to we paid 40K for classes to be given by Seneca and it's happening next year; Fardad S. of Seneca needs to coordinate with the developers so as to be able to be mroe effective
[14:47:35] louis_to not much from us is required
[14:48:14] louis_to but this is distinct from bounties but not entirely opposed to it, as the issue is to create material that allows new developers to come up to speed on coding for OOo
[14:48:17] jsc i do my best but i can not work as i do currently ;-)
[14:48:32] jsc ... more as i do ...
[14:48:35] CorNouws Indeed, Seneca
[14:48:41] CorNouws (wrong key)
[14:48:52] CorNouws INdeed, Senaca has nothing to do with current topic
[14:48:58] louis_to of course; but this is more an effort along the lines of , "hi, I'm here to listen and provide some suggestions."
[14:49:15] louis_to CorNouws: As I stated, I thought it was continuous not identical
[14:49:19] CorNouws
[14:49:30] louis_to !
[14:49:46] jsc let's move on to the next AI and let discuss this offline...
[14:50:02] louis_to #5. Internship
[14:50:27] louis_to it's been marked "finalized"
[14:50:40] louis_to does that mean that it can then be removed from the agenda?
[14:50:47] jsc a short update on the ongoing application process ...
[14:50:48] louis_to I see no value keeping it there
[14:50:54] louis_to okay.....
[14:51:18] jsc we have more than 7 applications so far that we evaluate
[14:51:51] louis_to great; and many have sent me and florian applications we've then asked to route to Cor and others ....
[14:51:52] * mhu wonders what "more than 7" may mean, 8, 80, 800 :-)
[14:52:08] jsc we select carefully and accept only the projects where we have mentors
[14:52:13] jsc > 75
[14:52:19] louis_to ah
[14:52:24] louis_to that is indeed more than seven
[14:52:56] louis_to shall we move on to #6 and no longer feature #5?
[14:53:08] jsc but of course the quality is very different 
[14:53:38] jsc ups, yes please next #6
[14:54:45] louis_to ;#6: Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit 
[14:54:59] louis_to Cor, has anything been done on this?
[14:55:28] CorNouws No, not yet.
[14:55:29] CorNouws Als, I thought I had expressed my feeling (in a mail or a previous meeting) that ATM there are other items in the community that are more urgent, so to say ..
[14:55:35] CorNouws als / also
[14:55:58] CorNouws however, afaiac, it will not be forgotten ..
[14:56:22] CorNouws if someone has a reason for more urgency, pls let me know
[14:56:30] CorNouws mail or irc or so
[14:56:41] * jsc is thinking if we need a status stalled
[14:57:32] louis_to perhaps but updating the wiki would be enough, I think
[14:57:45] louis_to with what was just related---that's adequate to give insight
[14:58:04] CorNouws ok for me - I ?l do that
[14:58:07] louis_to let's move on to #7: NLC of the month
[14:58:08] louis_to thanks, Cor
[14:58:13] louis_to Charles?
[14:58:21] louis_to aka southerncross
[14:58:31] southerncross yes
[14:58:40] louis_to would you have an update?
[14:58:42] southerncross so I had several issues
[14:58:43] southerncross to be frank
[14:58:50] southerncross I am sad to report
[14:58:58] southerncross that not only do I not have any update
[14:59:14] southerncross but that each of the project I personally contacted
[14:59:21] southerncross never even replied to me :-(
[14:59:27] southerncross or claimed they didn't have time
[14:59:39] southerncross I will continue to look for a project though.
[14:59:40] louis_to southerncross: can you work with me on this, pelase?
[14:59:45] southerncross sure
[15:00:10] louis_to thanks. let's reconnnoitre tomorrow or later on tonight and get some articlles going
[15:00:16] olivierhallot well... if you need food for the newsletter I can provide tons from Brazil... We have our own NL... 
[15:00:17] * louis_to apologies for bad typing. 
[15:00:25] louis_to olivierhallot: thanks!!
[15:00:39] louis_to and we can surely engage the Gallegos in Spain, and more
[15:00:56] louis_to but let's drive this, with some standard questions, etc. and we can discuss this offlist
[15:01:11] * louis_to is acutely conscious of time pressure
[15:01:11] southerncross olivierhallot: yes
[15:01:32] southerncross I am confident of this since we have over 100 projects
[15:01:39] louis_to uhm. 
[15:01:45] southerncross so there's room for improvement and choice
[15:01:46] louis_to let's move on to the next item?
[15:02:03] louis_to 2010-04-01#1 
[15:02:03] louis_to Community situation 
[15:02:36] louis_to does any one of us have an update?
[15:02:46] louis_to "What do we see, where are we, what are we going to do about it."
[15:02:49] CorNouws :-)
[15:03:03] CorNouws ai for all, so no one has an update, obvious
[15:03:07] louis_to * no update* 
[15:03:25] louis_to let's move on to #2
[15:03:41] louis_to Missing OOo desktop presence
[15:03:57] louis_to Assigned and accepted by Stx and Christoph
[15:04:06] louis_to stx12, would you have an update?
[15:04:07] *** christoph_mobile has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[15:04:38] stx12 louis_to: christoph moved forward with that. 
[15:04:59] CorNouws may I give a little update?
[15:05:05] louis_to please
[15:05:56] CorNouws Christoph had contact with Olivier and me about joining the i-team, and since Olivier and I neither are experts, we think we can help by joining both 
[15:06:09] *** christoph_mobile (~yaaic@ has joined the channel
[15:06:24] CorNouws so that means that basically the work can start, if I am right
[15:07:02] louis_to great! 
[15:07:06] louis_to what will you be doing, then?
[15:07:24] CorNouws Christoph will draft a plan for that
[15:07:41] CorNouws has to do with icons, feed back and colors
[15:07:54] southerncross sounds good indeed
[15:08:02] CorNouws (probably Orange, Dutch soccer WC you know ;-) )
[15:08:06] louis_to :-)
[15:08:11] louis_to uhm. when's the first game? 
[15:08:25] CorNouws may children say tomorrow
[15:08:26] louis_to or will you remind me of meeting protocols, too? :-)
[15:08:31] CorNouws may = my
[15:08:35] louis_to :-)
[15:08:40] stx12 CorNouws: I~m afraid we have to agree on no colors then..
[15:08:53] * louis_to has been rather glued to his iphone app for this........
[15:09:10] louis_to ... and Toronto is going crazy
[15:09:29] olivierhallot no... but South Affrica flag has enough colors to pick many... 
[15:09:31] louis_to okay, we look forward to substantial updates to the wiki and to the emails, and I thank you and Christoph 
[15:09:36] louis_to :-)
[15:09:46] * louis_to roots for Mexico, of course :-) 
[15:10:45] * southerncross feels he has no comments to make the about the French team :-/
[15:11:00] louis_to thsi one item, next, has been rejected. It ought to be removed from the agenda, I think: Do not promote proprietary software through the extensions library
[15:11:16] CorNouws yep
[15:11:17] louis_to it's 2010-05-07#1
[15:11:20] olivierhallot agree
[15:11:23] louis_to please let's delete it then
[15:11:38] * mhu thinks, that's the nice thing with international communities: some OOo country will surely win :-)
[15:11:43] louis_to and move on to 05-20#1, next council coordinator
[15:11:56] louis_to mhu: :-)
[15:12:17] louis_to whoever wins can host the next OOoCon :-)
[15:12:17] * southerncross nods
[15:12:24] mhu :-)
[15:12:27] * louis_to is joking
[15:12:32] * CorNouws we let Germany winn the Euro Song Festival, so now it's our turn :-)
[15:12:33] southerncross heh...
[15:12:42] louis_to but the item on council coordinator is no joke...
[15:12:59] stx12 but you are better singers than football players...
[15:13:08] CorNouws do all have a good idea of the task?
[15:13:17] louis_to yes, I think so
[15:13:21] CorNouws how heavy load it is and such
[15:13:31] CorNouws Christoph and Stefan can tell
[15:14:09] louis_to shall we set a deadline for this selection?
[15:14:27] louis_to
[15:14:28] CorNouws possibly it is more frustrating than time consuming - depends on how you experience it..
[15:14:33] jsc come on to shorten this, i volunteer
[15:14:40] stx12 it depends how much you invest; and we were not able to come close to cor's investment... nevertheless it's worth the effort.
[15:14:51] stx12 thanks jsc
[15:14:56] louis_to yes, thanks.
[15:14:57] CorNouws jsc: great !
[15:15:05] olivierhallot jsc, thanks indeed.
[15:15:05] louis_to jsc: would you update the wiki entry, then, please?
[15:15:06] mhu yes, +1 to jsc
[15:15:07] louis_to thanks!
[15:15:34] louis_to do we have new items for discussion today?
[15:15:47] jsc the wiki entry for the coordinator? Yes
[15:15:59] jsc i will start with the next meeting
[15:16:40] * mhu still thinks about 75 applications for 7 internships; we are then rejecting 90% of applicants; will they come back, sometime ?
[15:17:22] stx12 we are not rejecting but inviting to spend some of their freetime...
[15:17:39] stx12 on a voluntary basis... 
[15:17:50] mhu yeah, that's the fine print :-) I was more general ...
[15:18:10] jsc mhu: that's life. We have only limited budget and  a limited number of qualified mentors 
[15:18:35] jsc ... mentors with time
[15:18:50] mhu yes, I guess I have an idea about the budget; any ideas what to do with all hose willing people ?
[15:19:01] mhu s/hose/those/
[15:19:05] CorNouws and for each serious applicant it can be disappointing, but it does not become worse fot he indiviual if there are more that cannot join
[15:19:27] louis_to I would love to see if they would want to join in the Seneca effort as "distance" learners, if possible
[15:19:50] * mhu finds it astonishing to see so much interest 
[15:20:29] mhu ...I am not saying we're doing anything wrong; just whether we could make something from it
[15:20:31] CorNouws I am not sure if all made a seriuos study of their changes to be choosen ..
[15:20:32] * stx12 is not too surprised about the number - it's similar to the earlier efforts of similar campaigns
[15:20:36] jsc leading country is India ;-)
[15:20:42] mhu sure
[15:21:13] stx12 ok, guys; i have ot leave; have fun... 
[15:21:22] mhu bye, stx12
[15:21:40] CorNouws yes, maybe an easy, lighther programm that gives some credit / referrence for the student and little revenue too??
[15:21:52] CorNouws I have one more point, just a not, from Sophie
[15:21:58] CorNouws not = note
[15:22:00] louis_to thanks
[15:22:10] mhu CorNouws: get them accept documentation bounties, instead ?
[15:22:20] CorNouws one especially for mhu: Sophie pointed me to the fact that there is some mony at SPI  allocated for the OOo project!
[15:22:21] CorNouws can be a good start for internship 2011, probably
[15:22:58] louis_to okay, thanks
[15:23:00] CorNouws mhu: maybe, lets discuss this in the mail contests@ for example
[15:23:13] louis_to do we use contests@
[15:23:14] louis_to ?
[15:23:14] mhu well, yes; that's a couple thousand (few) dollars; and yes, we should somehow claim (and spend) that money
[15:23:29] louis_to I thought I was subscribed to it but have not received posts from that list
[15:23:31] southerncross contests@?
[15:23:33] mhu well, I donT see much on contests@
[15:23:52] CorNouws
[15:23:56] mhu yes, I am subscribed also
[15:24:11] southerncross thanks CorNouws
[15:24:16] CorNouws we did quite some preparations there. Unnoticed?
[15:24:21] mhu and, no, most of the discussion obviously happens elsewhere
[15:24:41] jsc not much traffic even not on the new internship list
[15:24:42] mhu yes, the preparations
[15:24:50] CorNouws on list as much as possible, I would say
[15:25:02] mhu okay, then we didnt miss much
[15:25:06] jsc yes, until now most often private emails
[15:25:31] mhu CorNouws: yes, lets discuss at contests@
[15:26:18] louis_to okahy, are we all subscribed, that want to?K
[15:26:49] *** christoph_mobile has quit IRC (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -
[15:26:55] *** stx12 has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[15:27:05] southerncross I'll subscribe
[15:29:22] jsc do we have finished for today?
[15:29:25] louis_to yes.
[15:29:44] jsc ok, i have to leave now, bye
[15:29:54] olivierhallot bye folks
[15:30:00] mhu bye all, have a nice evening / afternoon
[15:30:00] *** jsc is now known as jsc_away
[15:30:03] CorNouws bye bye & thanks
[15:30:09] louis_to meeting ajdourned; thanks all
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