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Community Council IRC Log 20100121


  • Christoph Noack (christoph_n)
  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof_)
  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • Louis Suarez-Potts (louis_to)
  • Charles-H. Schulz (southerncross)
  • John McCreesh (jpmcc)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • Juergen Schmidt (jsc)
  • Pavel Janik (paveljanik)
  • Time: 19:30 UTC (more or less)
louis_to if we are ready... let's start
louis_to agenda:
louis_to plesae review it 
jsc done ;-)
louis_to then let's move 
louis_to we agree with the AIs?
jsc fine for me
christoph_n yep
louis_to only vioice if no
louis_to so:
louis_to #1: I have not doine it yet: in progress
louis_to #2: ST, do you have an update?
jsc do you need help?
louis_to jsc: sure; ping the lists again, but  I need only to put it to the wiki
stx12 no update beyond what you have seen on the list. draft is there; feedback from flo to be worked on
louis_to "flo"?
stx12 floeff = florian effenberger
CorNouws louis_to: "ping again" <> "need only" are opposite?
* louis_to is decoding
louis_to well, the issue is we have the basic ones, I just have to put it up to the wiki, but there are always more events, and the response returned was not entirely satisfactory
louis_to so they are not opposites, they are more orthogonal than anything
CorNouws Ah, better understand now :-)
louis_to my problem is one of distraction.
louis_to I was distracted from doing this by events here in Canada that needed my attention--the Ont. gov't may move to OOo but that requires a lot of effort---
louis_to but, jsc: if you want to help, just NAG me :-)
louis_to but on to #3:
jsc i will, it would be good to have it soon, see the mails on dev@marketing
jsc Question is who is alowed to add new events? Should they discussed first on some mailing list?
louis_to jsc: let's say anyone is but equally, not all such events will be funded
louis_to so you mean: which events are to be funded? That is for us (and mostly me, as main proponent) to determine
louis_to but I do want an array of knowledge there from which we can then select the best candidates
jsc yes and i think we need some kind of rules
louis_to and of course there ought to be some discussion on the lists, if only to evaluate the merits of a proposed date
louis_to jsc: rules can be established ad hoc after we do this
louis_to not prior. First let's get the data
jsc i mean basic rules for get funding
louis_to that is, ad hoc propter hoc
louis_to yes, and we have those already
louis_to I posted those a long time ago and would go back to them; as well, they were re-posted to budget, when it was discussed what events get budgeted
louis_to we have them
louis_to that's not the problem
louis_to summary of rules: is the event effective
*** jpmcc_ ( has joined the channel
louis_to but we do not need to discuss this here, do we?
louis_to hi jpmcc
louis_to we are moving on now to #3....
louis_to #3: elections
louis_to 3.1, 2, has been done; thanks
louis_to Louis: Initiate phase 2 of the new election for Martin, Pavel, John.: put on hold until after holidays, viz., post 6 jan
louis_to now is the time for it
louis_to so, with the Oracle news... it's totally irrelevant
louis_to and I suggest that we look to next week as the start of the new cycle
CorNouws Why?
louis_to how would it be relevant?
christoph_n (Sorry, I don't get it.)
CorNouws what have council elections to do with Oracle? Do not understand that yet.
louis_to They have nothing to do with Oracle. Wjhy do you think they do?
CorNouws You say "so, with the Oracle news... it's totally irrelevant" what do you mean with that?
louis_to since they do not, I propose next week we start the new cycle
jpmcc_ Hi, line dropped ...
*** jpmcc_ has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
louis_to is that okay with all? Stefan, do we have the material set up for that?
stx12 yes
louis_to and again, this is for Pavel, John, Martin's seats
louis_to thx
louis_to I would ask the three up for election to help find candidates if needed and also to promote the election and CC
*** jpmcc_ ( has joined the channel
louis_to jpmcc: I would ask the three up for election to help find candidates if needed and also to promote the election and CC
* _Nesshof_ is prepared
louis_to thx
* CorNouws Will John be on line  long enough to say his connection dropped ..?
louis_to :-)
jpmcc_ I'll try :-)
louis_to as to 3.4, ouis: advertise public part at #ooocouncilpub in the beginning before next council meeting: Louis suggest we do it for next meeting.
louis_to well, that was for this meeting....
louis_to but it seems now that it will have to be for next
*** jpmcc__ ( has joined the channel
christoph_n dro... :-)
jpmcc__ Do I get three votes now I am logged in three times?
christoph_n You may get 3 AI :-)
louis_to yes
stx12 or three budgets
louis_to is the next meeting the F2F?
stx12 yes
louis_to It might be interesting to have a video feed on that for others to catch, or a youtube event
louis_to but we can discuss that, too
louis_to shall we move on to $4?
louis_to Internship
louis_to 	1.	Martin to put together a proposal for hiring a technical writer to document getting started on OOo development.: open
louis_to _Nesshof_?
_Nesshof_ in progress, not finished yet
_Nesshof_ sorry
_Nesshof_ .
stx12 AI: "Winter of Code"; Cor to own and cry for help if required; any update, cor?
CorNouws See my update on the mail: nothing to say, so skip this item now.
jsc i will join this project after the FOSDEM and will discuss it with Cor in Brussels (or Hamburg)
CorNouws Thanks, Jürgen, good idea!
stx12 good
louis_to btw, I'll be at fosdem, too, so we can include discussions of Seneca particiaption
jsc sounds good
louis_to and other related programs
louis_to but let's talk about it offlist or on prior... 
stx12 5. Distribution infrastructure (Bouncer); John: We are on target to use mirrorbrain for 3.2; 
louis_to tx
*** jpmcc_ has quit IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
stx12 i think we are still on track 
mhu louis_to: wrt seneca, can you please ask for a receipt / invoice for the money that I sent ?
louis_to yes, I hve invoice
louis_to and will ask for receipt
louis_to both
louis_to thx, btw
mhu okay, thanks
louis_to Fardad of Seneca has commenced work on future programs
louis_to and we need to arrange for him to visit, if needed, Hamburg
louis_to that can be part of the discussions in Brussels, yes?
louis_to shall we move on to #6?
stx12 5.b. but i don't know if the 3.2 announcement has the thanks to mirrors
jpmcc__ stx12 I'll check with floeff
stx12 thx
louis_to can we add it? it's been delayed...
jpmcc__ louis_to: I'm sure we can
louis_to thx
louis_to 6: l10n infrastructure (Pootle): ST: Pootle version upgrade imminent beginnig 2010; AI: Owner?: find better tool that is a closer fit, if necessary; Cor is going to contact Andre.
CorNouws I had contact with André some weeks ago, ... but forgotten the details (will pick it up again).
CorNouws Sorry ;-\
louis_to #6, then, "In progress"
stx12 ivo is going to start the update in the nexts days, now that he is back from vacation
*** jpmcc has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
* louis_to I wonder if this is the nature of things to come for jpmcc__, now that he has moved house...
CorNouws Yes, there was some connection with the update from the tools, quite obious proccess IIRC
louis_to ;on to 7?
louis_to Procedures for retirement of a project in Incubator and NLC. Louis: deliver final wording after the discussion that was on the mail list - carry forward; see [1] to be inforporated in and
louis_to ARGH
stx12 CorNouws: but there is still the question whether there is a better tool around than pootle. and we are looking for an owner of the evaluation 
louis_to okay, will do this today
CorNouws stx12: OK..
jsc ...discussion on which mailing list?
stx12 jsc: see link in the minutes
jsc ok
louis_to on to #8
louis_to ditto as for #7: ARGH
southerncross it should be noted that last week a project was being requested for cancellation
louis_to well, good :-)
southerncross : its project lead himself filed an issue for cancellation.
louis_to one less to deal with :-)
* southerncross nods
* louis_to is being sardonic
southerncross sometimes it's more an acknoledgement of a void than a political decision
southerncross :)
louis_to :-)
louis_to on to #9...
louis_to Budget 2010: AI: all budget holders to submit their requests for a share of this 100k. See proposal from Matthias [2]; Vote on Matthias' Proposal pending
southerncross anyway
* mhu is currently working against the proposed budget
CorNouws An item for the Hamburg meeting ?!
mhu so, if you want to change the overall distribution, you should accelerate somewhat
mhu yes, we can discuss budget details f2f in Hamburg
CorNouws ( John, he means us ;-) )
mhu :-)
mhu but John should be satisfied, he got the largest cake :-)
CorNouws Marketing never gets enough, too much!!
CorNouws ;-)
christoph_n (Cake: Celebrating 10th anniversary. That sounds reasonable.)
mhu okay, I propose an agenda item for f2f in Hamburg: budget details
jpmcc__ Alas ...
CorNouws jpmcc__: alas what? all cake gone?
stx12 11. Council coordinator: choosing ST's successor
CorNouws or moving not finished in time :-\
_Nesshof_ if acceptable and if I'm not longer member of the council by the end of Feb., I volunteer for this role as a non council member 
stx12 i'll pick one in hamburg; you should come nevertheless, please ;-)
southerncross :)
christoph_n Oh, I would have proposed me...
CorNouws _Nesshof_: very kind, however
stx12 hey, you huys are great
CorNouws the idea is that a council member does the job
CorNouws part of say 'education on the job'
_Nesshof_ CorNouws: I remember, that why I wrote, if acceptable !
jsc i have already volunteered
stx12 a deputy is eligeble too, or? 
stx12 please queue at my door in hamburg...
CorNouws _Nesshof_: ah, sorry I din't got the immediately!
christoph_n Since I cannot help otherwise (at the moment) I may serve to poke everybody - if you like ;-)
christoph_n Poke! (That's easy...)
stx12 and it's a 3-4 month term only; so there is an opportunity for all of you
CorNouws no other candidates? then my +1 for christoph_n
louis_to :-)
* _Nesshof_ steps back
christoph_n That sounds if you like to have somebody else :-)
mhu +1 for christoph_n
jsc me too, no problem
_Nesshof_ +1 for christoph_n
southerncross +1 for christoph_n
* CorNouws _Nesshof_ may well be reelected, so can have his chance in May
jsc +1 for christoph_n
stx12 let's go with christoph_n then
jpmcc__ +1
louis_to +1
_Nesshof_ CorNouws: I will only do this if I'm not regular member of CC
CorNouws oh.. pls explain when we are in Hamburg, OK?
_Nesshof_ btw, also the release status meeting will be without member of the CC
stx12 so christoph_n will take this duty beginning in hamburg? 
christoph_n If you like.
stx12 yes, please.
christoph_n Okay, thanks!
stx12 11. Juergen: Prepare Agenda for F2F Meeting in Hamburg, February 4/5;
jsc i have send you a list with collected items from different emails
louis_to thx
jsc for further discussion
louis_to btw, can you also remind people if they have not yet to send me a rough list of expenses?
louis_to I have rec'd some but not all
louis_to and you have hotels info., and others: most are staying at Junges
jpmcc__ or the Polo Novum
stx12 is it worth to be put in a wiki page? in our regular agenda page? 
southerncross at the Best Western
mhu expenses for f2f meeting: can we do a simple -- all council -- approval of expenses ? I will reserve whatever is needed, and reimburse expenses
louis_to mhu: I need simply a rough amount to propose to budget list
louis_to and southerncross: I sent in a list of plausible hotels
louis_to please review them
mhu louis_to: okay, jsut dont make it too complicated
louis_to it's not to be
louis_to ie, I'll ask for about 2K
louis_to or 3K
jsc same rules for everybody ...
southerncross louis_to:  but if I had to choose separately (not in one package) the price would have had been higher, even within the list.
southerncross anyway: partial reimbursement is okay
CorNouws jsc: hmm, does the council have to ask for budget to held its meeting?
jpmcc__ CorNouws: Louis has to go through the approval process as he's paying for this
* mhu thinks we can approve the necessary amount from the "general administration" budget (that Louis owns)
jsc indirectly yes, important is to be save if somebody will ask
louis_to mhu: yes
mhu ...that Louis owns, and Christoph_n and Martin approve
louis_to shall we move on then?
jpmcc__ "Common Administration
jpmcc__     * Budget:€5,000.00
jpmcc__     * Budget Holder: Community Manager
jpmcc__ Currently: Louis Suarez-Potts
jpmcc__     * Authorisers: Martin Hollmichel, Sophie Gautier "
louis_to mhu: I'll send the proposed amount Friday or Monday
louis_to and the amount is woefully inadequate :-)
louis_to 5K eu. is pittance
jpmcc__ Has the CC approved the change of authoriser from Sophie?
louis_to no
louis_to uhg, sorry, yes: Christoph
louis_to sorry, brain lapse
mhu yes, I have already made notice of christoph replacing sophie
louis_to or at any rate, I propsed him, I believe, and he's already weighed in on proposal
louis_to thx
louis_to shall we moe on to #12?
stx12 yes, joost asked how to handle issue comment that start to be offensive. 
stx12 this concrete casse is solved. 
jsc in which way?
CorNouws closed by st, without further action from the submitter
CorNouws but was that 'the case'
stx12 see last my last comment; i politely closed the issue and there was no further action needed
CorNouws stx12: do you know why JA asked our attention for it?
CorNouws is he unhappy with possibilities to act in such a situation?
stx12 he felt unsure how to handle this. 
stx12 i don
jsc the style of communication is not acceptable and the question is if we want to handle such things in general. Do we want to kick off such users?
stx12 i don't know whether the agenda item was added before or after he stood in my office
stx12 that would have been my next measure 
CorNouws OK, I remember there was a discussion on a list ..., should we read that to get a better understanding of what was particularly difficult or nasty?
stx12 a discussion about this issue in parallel to the comments in the issue`? 
jsc i think reading the issue comments will show it
CorNouws added  5 jan 2010 11:36
CorNouws (ja's item at the agenda)
stx12 ok, then this case is solved; and joost has an idea how to handle such cases. 
CorNouws not every person is the same when it comes to handling such rude bahaviour, so it's something to look at for sure
CorNouws stx12: ok, thanks
louis_to okay, do we have new items to discuss here?
CorNouws Next item , pls
louis_to there are none?
CorNouws yip
jpmcc__ I think we need a formal statement that the mailing list guidelines apply to issues too ...
louis_to yes; they apply to all discourse on OOo
louis_to ALL
stx12 not for today. edu and infrastructure are rescheduled for the f2f
louis_to I have made that clear when corresponding to unhappy people
stx12 jpmcc__: that makes sense
louis_to right; so let's focus on agenda items for f2f
jpmcc__ louis_to: I'd like the CC to approve changes to the budget approers for the MP
louis_to juergen, don't hesistate to yell at me
louis_to who are the new ones?
jpmcc__ Budget Holder to be floeff instead of me, and I'd like to be approved as an authoriser
louis_to +1
jsc +1
mhu jpmcc__: fine with me +1
christoph_n +1
stx12 +1
CorNouws +1
southerncross +1
louis_to others?
_Nesshof_ +1
louis_to paveljanik: ?
louis_to I assume you vote yes, too
* mhu exchanged John and Florian in the budget-spreadsheet, change effective immediately :-)
louis_to okay, if no other business?
southerncross let's adjourn... 
louis_to +1
louis_to indicate if NOT in favour of adjourning
CorNouws thanks al & bye bye
louis_to if no objections, then I call the meeting closed until next time
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