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For the invitation and reminder email for the public Meet the Community Council session please use the following template:

Email Subject

Announcement: Meet the Community Council on <date>

Email Body

Don't forget to update the placeholders!

The OpenOffice.org Community Council (CC) is announcing the next public meet the council session.

The council will have every second meeting (see the meeting calendar, http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council/Calendar#<link>) a public channel open (#pubooocouncil at freenode) to give community members the opportunity
* to ask questions
* to give suggestions

The channel will be open for 30 minutes. The questions and answers should be reasonable short, it is not the intention to have discussions. In case that there is demand for a discussion with the council this should be requested at least a week before the next council meeting so that the discussion can be prepared and announced beforehand. Also it is not intended to have a discussion about to be decided agenda items of the regular agenda of the following council meeting."

The next public meet the council session will be on <date>!

On behalf of the CC

<name of submitter>

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