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  • Heading levels not right relative to document - not a conversion problem. Fix for this would be in the Extension itself... allow nesting deeper than current chapter title (all that is currently possible). I can talk to PediaPress about this.
  • Extra spaces before and after PRE elements.
  • PRE elements that are wrapped by <source> syntax highlighting tag are converted to PRE in ODF, but all text formatting (hard returns and spacing) is lost. PRE elements without the <source> tagging is formatted correctly.
  • Superscript is not bold when wiki source is bold (short term solution.. remove the bold in the Wiki).
  • Table columns in equal column widths instead of sized as in Wiki.
  • Some tables have borders where tables without borders are used in Wiki... (page 25 in ODT, Mathematical Operators section for example).
  • Definition Term lists... extra spaces between each element (Wiki sytax uses semicolon for this kind of list).
  • Spacing between multiple Note elements... currently 4 hard returns to next Note element
  • Working with Documents chapter title is not converted correctly.
  • IDL links are incorrectly converted into PRE, and broken out from being inline text.
  • IDL links in bulleted lists (as first item) are converted to PRE and on own line. Similar/same as inline text prob. Also double hard space between each item in lists with IDL text.
  • Some notes starting with <tt> formatted text have first line starting one line down... ie one blank line, and then the text starts.
  • need a wiki element that can be used to wrap content to be ignored on export (like "download as PDF")
  • need to set title and subtitle, partno, etc as variable to use a template to fill
  • The chapter hierarchy is wrong when pages are split into sub-pages, sub-pages must start with a lower level heading (maybe provide a meta element on the wiki page that takes the relative position?)
  • paras in tables must use a separate style
  • need an so style for dl (must not be list style!)
  • list-items must map to listitem style (maybe need 2 bulleted and numbered)
  • note, warning, info templates must match to correpsonding styles, don't resolve the template (which would result in tables)
  • need to get rid of multiple line-breaks
  • we need a macro for table alignment
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