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The CheckApi script is a simple script to run the UnoApiTest""s inside a solar shell for one ImplementaionObject with one or more interface tests. The CheckApi is based on the runner (see


At first you have to run a connectable office. This could be done by:

./soffice "-accept=pipe,name=$USER;urp;" &   # Unix
 soffice "-accept=pipemname=%USERNAME%;urp;" # Windows

Since CwsCheckApi is available the connection via socket is not the default anymore.

DEPRECATED ./soffice "-accept=socket,host=0,port=8100;urp;"

In case of working on a shared machine, you should use a named pipe instead. Add the usage of the pipe in the RunnerProps file and start the office like this:

You can use any unique name as pipe name, but as the user-name is very well suited for this purpose, it is a good idea to use it.

Now you can start CheckApi with an object as argument to test :

checkapi -o sw.SwXBodyText

The runner, which is called inside of the CheckApi, connects to the office and executes the UnoApiTest for the ImplementaionObject sw.SwXBodyText. Since CheckApi knows all interfaces of the ImplementationObject all correspond interface tests will be executed. At the end of such a test you will get a result of the test run.

***** State for sw.SwXBodyText ******
Whole component: PASSED.OK
Job -o sw.SwXBodyText done


checkapi -o sw.SwXBodyText
checks all interfaces on the ImplementationObject sw.SwXBodyText
checkapi -o sw.SwXBodyText::com::sun::star::text::XText
checks the interface com::sun::star::text::XText on the ImplementationObject sw.SwXBodyText
checkapi -o sw.SwXBodyText::com::sun::star::text::XText,com::sun::star::text::XTextRange
checks the interface com::sun::star::text::XText and the inteface com::sun::star::text::XTextRange on the ImplementationObject sw.SwXBodyText
checkapi -o sw.SwXBodyText::com::sun::star::text::Text -log true
checks all properties of the service com::sun::star::text::Text on the ImplementationObject sw.SwXBodyText with enhanced output.
checkapi -p fwk
checks the module fwk with all its ImplementationObject's.
checkapi -sce myScenarioFile
checks all objects and projects which described in the ScenarioFile.


To control the CheckApi you can use the RunnerProps file or some command line parameter.

The priority of the parameters are:

  1. command line parameter
  2. RunnerProps parameter
  3. defaults

Command line parameter

-log true
enhance the logging output
-debug true
enabled the debugging mode: enhancing of output
-p Project
one complete project
-sce ScenarioFile
all jobs which are contained in the ScenarioFile
-o Test-Object
the ImplementationObject which should be tested
-tdoc Test-Document-Path
path where testdocuments could be found
-AutoRestart true
forces to restart the office if one test crashes the office. Useful in ScenarioFile
the tests normally close the documents which opened for testing purposes. If this flag is set to true all documents are available at the end of the test.
-ini RunnerProps
path to property file for CheckAPI. Default: $HOME/.runner.props
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