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Higher Priority


Chart2 Histogram.png

This is further discussed on the stat wiki page;


Box Plots

ChartTypes Boxplots.png

Box-plots (complementing stem-leaf plots and histograms) are some of the most useful and most used graphical methods in statistical data analysis. Every professional package should be able to draw box-plots.

Various Boxplot Derivations (although these are lesser priority):

See also Issue 13184.

Venn Diagrams (Overlapping Data)

Chart2 Venn.png

Gantt Charts

Chart2 Gantt.png

Negative value in a percent chart

Chart2 Negative Value.png

Smooth or not each curves independently

Chart2 Smooth.png

Smooth area chart

Chart2 Smooth Area.png

Pie chart with a second bar chart

Chart2 PieChart2.jpg

Pie chart with a second pie chart

Chart2 PieChart1.jpg

Combined charts

Chart2 Combined.jpg

Ballon Plot

Chart2 Ballon Plot.png

Surface Chart

3D Pie Chart with different heights for different pieces

Please Don't Do It
Pie charts with different heights have been deemed among the worst graphics representations. The extra-dimension does NOT bring any additional information and annihilates the main concept behind the pie chart.
   11. Features that appear meaningful should have meaning.
   Consider the three variations on a pie chart in Figure 2, all of which attempt
   to display the same data. The towering slices in the multi-height design (Figure 2A)
   are the chart's dominant features, but in many published examples have no meaning.
   The less exotic 3D pie chart (Figure 2B) has problems of its own.
--Discoleo 23:40, 25 April 2008 (CEST)

Contour Plots

  • Chart2 contour plot.png

Geographical Maps and Map Data

Filling between 2 curves

Less priority - Other Chart Types

Trace function

Interval Plot

Cluster Plot



Bollinger Bands

Various Scatterplots

Climate Diagrams

Mosaic Plot

Funnel Plot

2D Arrow Plot

Star Plot

Several pie charts in one chart

  • Possibility to display a rectangular data source as rings but also to put several pie chart in a grid.


Complex Conditions

Time Series

Receiver Operating Characteristics

ROC curves

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