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Add a shadow

Chart2 Formating01.png

Modify the depth of a 3D chart that is too large by default

Chart2 Formating02.png

  • It's possible to modify the depth of one series thanks to the 3D effect tool but I didn't find anything to modify the depth of overall the graphic.

Properties of the symbol in data points

Chart2 Formating03.png

Modify a sector radius

Chart2 Formating06.png

Alternate colors in the grid

Chart2 Formating08.png

Format a single line segment

Chart2 Formating09.png

Modify characters attribute for a part of the text

Chart2 Formating10.png

Lock the modification or font size

  • The character size of all the parts (title, legend, labels,..) is modify each time the size of the diagram is modified. It would be great to have an option that lock the modification of the character size.
  • An option exist already, but it applies to all the parts in the same time and not individually to each part.
  • covered in

Change the properties of all the parts of a Pie chart

  • For example change the width of a line for all the sectors at the same time

3D rotation control

Apply a vectorial graphic to customize a chart

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