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Blacklist DirectX device/driver

Sometimes, DirectX, graphics card, or driver are just buggy beyond fixability. If updating driver or card is not an option, the DirectX-based canvas implementation can be selectively disabled. Either edit the xml configuration file by hand, or use this nice extension to access the OOo configuration directly.

Here's how: in a first run, the following flag needs to be set to "true" (either in file <path-to-your-office-installation>/ 3.0/share/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Canvas.xcs, or in the Canvas section in the OOoConfig browser) - BlacklistCurrentDevice. When editing by hand, just change the <value>false</value> to <value>true</value>.

After that, rerun OOo and the slideshow. OOo will then generate a new blacklist entry in the DeviceBlacklist section - but in your user configuration layer. When doing this by hand, grep for Canvas.xcu in your user data directory (%APPDATA%\OpenOffice.org3\user\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office). I'll happily receive bug reports with attached blacklist entries (assign them directly to thb, if possible).

After that, the BlacklistCurrentDevice can be set to false again, directxcanvas should now refuse to run with your card.

Note: apparently, for OOo 3.0 it's necessary to manually delete the %APPDATA%\OpenOffice.org3\user\registry\cache directory (don't worry, that's really just a cache & gets re-generated on the next OOo start).

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