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Sheet Protection Options

Specification Status
Author Kohei Yoshida
Author Jianyuan Li
Last Change See wiki history
Status draft



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Issue ID (required) available Issue 60305 Issue 71468 Issue 84766
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Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Kohei Yoshida
Quality Assurance nobody
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Detailed Specification

ODS/XLS import filter
Import an ODS/XLS file, its protection password will be imported if sheet is protected. If you click "Tools -> Protect Document -> Sheet", below dialog will be prompted.

Ask for password.jpg

Input a correct password, the sheet will be unprotected. Or an error dialog will be prompted.

Password error.jpg

ODS/XLS export filter
When an ODS/XLS file exported, the sheet protection password will be exported. If the exported file is opened by MS Excel or AOO, the sheet should be protected by password.
There will be a password retyping mechanism when an ODS/XLS is exported as XLS/ODS file. Below dialog will be prompted.

Retype password.jpg

If you want to export the document as an alien format, the protection password must be retyped correctly. Or the export will fail. You can also input a new sheet protection password for the export file with the red border area unchecked.

Retype pass.jpg

Or you can cancel the protection password to export the document sheet unprotected.

Retype remove.jpg

Allowed permissions on protecting a sheet
When a sheet is protected, some allowed permissions can be added for all users of worksheet.

Allowed permissions.jpg

Here only two options are implemented: Select locked cell and select unlocked cells.




In ../sc/inc/tabprotection.hxx, a macro is defined as below:
To close sheet protection function, set is as 0

File Format


Open Issues

On protecting a sheet in Excel, permission also can be given on each of these points:
- format cells
- format columns
- format rows
- inster columns
- insert rows
- insert hyperlinks
- delete columns
- delete rows
- sort
- use autofilter
- use pivot table reports
- edit objects
- edit scenarios



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