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Test Plan for Child Workspace SRC680/mingwport03

This CWS will introduce 'gcc'-compiler for Windows. This is only a port. No functional or UI changes have been made. But it has some changes in the source code, so the complete modul testing has been requested.


  • CWS Owner VG
  • CWS QA Rep. JSI
  • CWS is based on SRC680m197, so CVS HEAD should be used
  • Full installation sets and patches for StarOffice are available

Test strategy

  1. On Windows (98SE, XP, 2003 Terminal Server) all modules will be tested completely because the compiler change has been made for that platform
    1. Base, Framework, Math and XML will have to use the patches on Windows in that CWS, the other modules will use the full installation set offered by the CWS. On UNIX and Linux the other moduls will test the patched versions
  2. On UNIX and Linux the main resource-test (*_updt,bas) and one additional functional test has to be selected by the module maintainer


We have started the testing activities on 5-MAR-07 and have nimonated this CWS on 15-MAR-07.



Test Matrix

Language Test Strategy ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
English 1 en_us Win XP Patchset (MSC) Win XP Instset (OC) Win 98SE Patchset *) (JSK) Win XP Instset (FHA) Win 2003 TS Patchset (TBO) Win XP Instset (HDE) Win XP Patchset (JSI)
English 2 en_us Solaris SPARC Instset (MSC) Linux x86 Patchset (OC) Solaris SPARC Instset (TBO) Linux x86 Patchset (FHA) Solaris x86 Instset (TBO) Solaris x86 Instset (HDE) Solaris SPARC Instset (JSI)
Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build



  • On SRCm197 we had problems with patching Solaris [x86] installations (libicu, #i72700) which has been fixed in SRCm198 as P1. Solaris x86 can't be tested with patchsets on this milestone. Changed in matrix.
  • Also on SRC680m197 .sda document being loaded in Impress instead of Draw (affects the Draw OOo 1.0 XML regression test)
  • On SRCm197 the DocBook XML test fails after ~10,15 documents - also in this CWS
  • Windows 98 SE: The tests were done on Windows 2003 Terminal Server as the infrastructure could not be created for Win98 in the given time. However, the Windows 98 SE Tests have been performed on an isolated machine and no blockers were found.
  • Failed Framework tests: Due to an inconsistency in the testtool database we have a lot of failed tests for this CWS. This is because all tests intended for newer builds were run as well.
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