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This page describes some difficulties with the modified CVS version, which is used for


How do I setup a CVS client?

How do I setup a tunnel?

Why do I need a tunnel?

A tunnel is used to commit files to the CVS system. Otherwise you have just read acccess.

I can't checkout with a certain tag CVS is loosing from time to time it's CVSROOT/valtags file so one needs to recreate this tags, this can be done by creating just another dummy branch:

cvs -d:pserver:mh@my-tunnel:/cvs co test
cd test/playground
cvs tag -b cws_src680_asyncdialogs2 Makefile

Issue 23306

how to track the patch code of a issue which has been fixed and integrated ?

(e.g) The issue Issue 69010 , belongs to the CWS SRC680 impress110  , has been integrated into m192  .

There are two possibilties to track this:

  1. Use EIS ( Login into EIS, search for the impress110 cws and look there for the modules and files section. There you find the registered task and the files affected by this task. Following the link of the revision shows you the diff.
  2. use bonsai ( to track all the changes of the cws (e.g.

using the first alternative work fine once a cws has been integrated, the second alternative works fine before integration of the cws.

Tip: On this wiki you can use {{CWS}}, {{m}}, {{Bug}} templates to easily link to child workspaces, milestones and issues.

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