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About this wiki page

OpenOffice.org CJK Group will like to use this page to communicate each other and share ideas and resources among Chinese, Japanese and Korean native-language projects. Your good ideas, advices, suggestions, requests, proposals will be always appreciated and welcome. Feel free to edit this page and add your ideas, useful information and links.

CJK Native-Language Group

The CJK Group, as the name shows, consists of Chinese, Japanese and Korean native-language projects of OpenOffice.org, who can share experiences on common L10N and I18N issues and pool some ressources such as the work on some parts of QA. In the mean time, this group will also foster collaboration between the three projects on a marketing level, helping the spread of OpenOffice.org all over Asia.

Your idea to improve CJK functionality, usability and accessibility

ODF Toolkit Project


News and Events

CJK Common Issues



QA and TCM



Global Campaign

Major Deployment in Asia

To Developers

To all developers who are interested in improving OpenOffice.org CJK support, please don't forget to sign the Joint Copyright Assignment (JCA). Without JCA submission, Sun cannot accept your patch legally even if they want to.

CJK Group IRC Meeting

Server and Channel

  • Server: irc.freenode.net
  • Channel: #ooonlc

Agenda and Minutes

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