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Build Environment Effort

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The complete progress of module migration is tracked here

Current work on module migration

We decided to use priorities for our future work on the new build environment. Issues found in integrated milestones and new requirements found in converting modules to the new build system get highest priority. The planned module conversions that have not been started yet are:

  • filter
  • i18npool
  • connectivity
  • drawinglayer
  • avmedia
  • rsc
  • basic
  • shell
  • writerperfect

This will create a complete module chain from sw to tools and this will allow us to get better performance predictions for the new build system.

Of course everybody is free to convert any other modules now, moreover, this would be appreciated a lot! Please add the modules you have converted to the table. In case this would create new requirements, we will give them high priority. If you want to support us by converting other modules, please refer to Module Migration.


  • bug fixes:
    • multi-repository support for JavaClassSet fixed (done in CWS gnumake4)
    • racy dependency file generation fixed (CWS gnumake4)
  • new features:
    • native resources (done in CWS vcl2gnumake)
    • idl compilation (done in cws ause130)
    • compilation of jar files (done in CWS gnumake4)
    • zipped packages (done in CWS gnumake4)
    • better support for using external libraries (CWS gnumake4)
    • support for user-defined CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS (CWS gnumake4)
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