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Initial Thoughts

Where & how to post?

  • For Sun members of the OOo UX group: on GullFOSS, using the tag "user-experience"
  • For other community members: on their own blog; this may be aggregated into our compound feed
  • Single posts are OK, just as sequels (including a summary) are.

For whom?

  • OOo contributors
  • HCI professionals
  • Users

Potential Blogging Subjects

  • UX work environment tools
  • Interviews
  • (UX) Promotion
  • Reasons for a particular feature design
  • Answers to other blog posts, trackback
  • Introducing external extras, extensions, tutorials, ...
  • Pointers to external HCI research, e.g. papers
  • General UI news and trends
  • Early designs of features, including call for feedback
  • Put spotlight on old features that need to be redesigned
  • Introduction of methods we use for UX engineering
  • Concept studies
  • Trip reports
  • Polls, surveys
  • My IssueTracker item of the week
  • Reading recommendations (books)
  • Best hidden features
  • Editorials / criticism / polarizing statements
  • Best practice in using OOo
  • User research / szenarios
  • Usability test results
  • (Platform) design guideline news
  • Stories about UX success
  • Lessons learned, post mortem reviews
  • About us
  • Fun / "Goetz of the week"
  • Minutes, IRC summaries/logs
  • Upcoming events with OOo UX participation
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