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Documentation note.png Note: These are not the current official branding guidelines. This page is intended to collect ideas for the new branding guidelines in the new branding initiative framework. For more information on the current branding guidelines, please visit the Find Branding Material page.

About branding

Logo Orange

A site with a short description with the purpose of branding guidelines.


Interim Logo Guide


The description on branding and visual identity on Wikipedia.

OOo Branding initiative

More information on what branding is on the Branding Initiative page.


This website talks about colors in everyway possible. Here you can find an article about spot colors vs process colors.


Below you can find a list with branding guidelines from other companies that can be used as a base to define our new policy.


A list with branding guidelines from different well-known companies with a strong visual identity

Some recommended to read:

Other websites

Cunard Line

Their guidelines have an interesting list of terminology. About how certain words are used in formal and informal speech and what words and brand names not to use in communication. They also use British English as their standard language for communication.

University of Cambridge

They talk about grid layout for publications and accessibility.

Sun Microsystems, inc.

Find out their logo usage guidelines and their general logo guidelines


Brand creative guidelines and signature guidelines

Content of OOo branding guidelines

Here you can add in a structured order how the branding guidelines should look like and what it definitely should contain.

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