CD/DVD Labels and Envelopes for OOo3

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Officially approved CD/DVD labels and covers

final design of the CD label

The Art Project decided about the design for the official labels on it's mailing list.

The artwork is based on the OOo3 splash screen but uses the colors of the OOo3 mimetype icons.

High resolution bitmaps (300DPI, ready to use)for CD/DVD label, paper envelope, CD cover and DVD cover can be found together with their vector sources in the Official CD/DVD Gallery on the website.

Drafts and discussion results

CD label first draft

Source: OOo3_CD-label.svg

CD label from PrOOo-Box

Main differences between the two drafts:

  • position of curved line
  • gradients
  • position and size of wire gulls

On the Art project mailing list we discussed, which label fits better to the projects purposes: Most comments preferred the first draft, but some proposals for improvement have been made: look at this thread.

Therefore a third draft was made and I added versions of CD envelopes and DVD envelopes too:

CD third version
CD envelope of the third version
DVD envelope of the third version
DVD envelope of the final design - added a covertext to the back

Other possible improvements:

reduced vertical size of the reflection:

CD label with crushed reflection
CD label with ODF logo

draft with some more variations

CD label with color wave
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