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These logos are not official, for a list of official logos visit here.


Follow these guidelines when submitting artwork please:

  • Any Logos are welcome, including Native Language ones and Logos for things related to Open Office. But specify that it is not for OOo when doing so.
  • Keep images in a medium sized box so that we don't have massive images stretching the page.
  • It is probably better to create a header out of the event, and if there are multiple people making art for this project THEN a header for the author.

What to list in the image description box:

  • Logo Name
  • Description
  • Author
  • License

The Artwork

Logos for the Conferences

Every city hosting a OOoCon designes a logo to be used when refering to this conferene.
OOoCon2009 logo.gif

Visual Concept Proposals

Brainstorming on ideas to create an improved visual identity by new graphical branding elements including an updated logo.
Jgh disc titles logo proposal.jpg

Dedicated Logos

The OOo website celebrates special events by providing dedicated logos.
Logo bcake 9th.png

Renaissance Project Logos

The Art Project created the logo for the Renaissance Project. Besides the final version the contributions are listed here

Links to Look at:

Renaissance Project Logo Proposals - Just need to upload and add Stella Schulze's Image

OOo3 Splash Screen Proposals

Issue 72332

Issue 72732

Issue 59505

Issue 71127

Issue 61057

Issue 54361

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