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We recommend using the
Official Artwork Gallery Button.png

Official Artwork Galleries

With the Official Artwork Galleries the

Art Project wants to establish a set of official artwork for 3 that should be used wherever possible
to establish a Visual Identity of the project.
Visual Identity lives from repetition: The more people see
and recognize a specific graphical element or a certain
design the more these elements are linked to the product
or to the project

This gallery contains templates to be used in Impress for related presentations. Standard templates for usage in your private or business presentation are part of the Template repository.

For Artists: If you want to share your own artwork with the Art Project, fell free to upload it and add it to the gallery. In case of any questions please have a look at the contribution wiki page.

General Impress templates

Impress templates for the 2009 Conference in Orvieto

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