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This gallery contains artwork that can be integrated in the Apache OpenOffice program suite as additional Clipart Gallery themes.

What are Clipart Gallery themes?

The Clipart Gallery in Apache OpenOffice is displayed via Tools → Gallery, it contains several sets of clipart themes. Every single clipart can be added to your documents by "drag & drop".

The easiest way to integrate more cliparts in the program is by the use of Extensions. Once you open such a downloaded extension, it adds it's content automatically to Apache OpenOffice. If you can't see the additional Gallery entry after installation, please close Apache OpenOffice (including the Quickstarter, if active) and reopen it again.

The clipart galleries presented here are sets of scalable vector graphic or raster graphic files you can use in any Apache OpenOffice document. Just download the appropriate clipart gallery, install it, and drag and drop the clipart of your preference from the Gallery to your document.

Clipart galleries

Hervé Laurent

Trevor Hitchings

Sébastien Lanteigne

If the gallery theme doesn't show up immediately after installation, please close all instances of Apache OpenOffice (including the Quickstarter) and reopen it. In case the theme seems to be empty, make sure that you don't have installed another theme with the same number (sg<xxx>.sdg, sg<xxx>.sdv, sg<xxx>.thm). For this reason the extensions presented here name their sg-number in the comments and contain it in their filenames.

For artists

Every creator of a new Clipart Gallery theme is invited to include it in an easy installable extension, upload it to the extension repository and link it from a thumbnail at this page. You can find a description of the steps to create such a clipart extension in the Clipart Gallery Extension HowTo.

Now and then the Art Project will have to decide about clipart to become officially approved by the project. This artwork will be presented at the Official Galleries, as a second step it might become part of the main program itself.

More Clipart at other places

The Extension website hosts some clipart gallery extensions: (non-free)

The Prooo box of the germanophone project contains others: (sorry, German text)

The documentation project set up a template and clipart contest back in 2006, the entries are presented here:

At there are lots of cliparts free to be used.
Raster graphics (file format ".png", ".jpg" or ".bmp") can be copied and pasted to any document and moved to the gallery area if you want to reuse them in other documents. But remember that they lose quality if you modify their size.

For scalable vector graphics (file format ".svg") you will need the SVG-Import Filter to open these files in Draw. Once they have been drawn to the gallery area they can be used and even scaled in the other applications of the office suite.

Unfortunately, the SVG import filter is not perfect: High complex vector files might be rendered wrongly or don't load at all.

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