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This home page for the Application rebranding project is a work space for the I-team.


Irc Log 2010-05-05 : Application Rebranding - Project Home Page/20100505

next regular meeting

May 12th, freenode, #ooobranding

proposals for agenda of next meeting

  • <add your proposal here>

Action Items

  • Rosana: finish logo usage guidelines
  • Bernhard, Rosana: prepare discussion or proposal of design language
  • Martin: invite Developer
  • Martin: keep Documentation in the loop

Motivation & Goal

pick up Sophies suggestion to create an I-Team to discuss the items listed for Application Branding on and create the required spec and work as we do for other new features as usual.


  • initiation of a I-Team
  • creation of a Spec
    • Startcenter
      • Usability aspects
      • lack of color
      • design language
    • splashscreen
    • Icon Themes (Industrial, Crystal, etc)
      • mh: there some coordination with art teams of kde and gnome is desired for some of the document icons with the icon themes
    • Other UI Graphics
      • put on hold, waiting for further input
    • Default Styles (templates, fonts)
      • put on hold, wait for more input from Ivan
      • some relation to User Experience/Improving OOo Default Settings
      • general definitions of fonts for branding is not in scope for this effort, bedipp: subteam for this, rosana: should be part of the branding guidelines
    • Help Graphics
      • to be removed from agenda, unless Doc Team objects
    • About Box

The I-Team

Role Name E-Mail Address
Marketing Team Rosana Ardila Biela Rosana.Ardila@Sun.COM
Program Management Martin Hollmichel
Design Stella Schulze
Development TBD
Quality Assurance Éric Savary
Documentation Uwe Fischer
User Experience <First Name, Last Name> <>

Technical Background

Start Center:

  • primary requirement: the StartCenter should give a hand to novices as well as provide a direct access to every area
  • secondary requirement: to support our branding / visual impression
  • design language should be in line with splash screen and about box.

User Experience

Status Quo & Requirements Analysis

Related OOo Projects

Coordination with other OOo projects (marketing, artwork, ...) (open, any volunteers?)

Open and Answered Issues


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